The Do’s & Don’ts of using Essential Oils with your dog

I AM SICK AND TIRED OF IT!! That’s right! Lately, I’ve seen so much misinformation being spread online about 2 things that I have extensive knowledge on: Essential oils and Dogs. As the daughter of a successful show breeder, I was surrounded by dogs my whole life, and saw first hand how essential oils can be used safely and effectively with our canine companions if applied properly.

I am going to share with you when, and more importantly, how you should consider using essential oils with your dog, as well as the only 3 dog-safe blends I trust to use on my own dogs. 

black puppy

“When should I use essential oils with my dog?”

Think of some of the ways you use essential oils. Maybe you diffuse something to help you sleep or to rid anxiety, or strengthen your immunity. Dogs can take advantage of certain essential oils in the same way. By properly diluting and applying essential oils to your dog (we’ll talk about that soon), dogs can benefit from oils in a great number of ways!

The following dog-safe essential oils work wonders to:

Calm a scared/anxious dog

anxious dog

Wind down an energetic pup

calm dog

Aid & improve your dog’s digestion

  • Ginger
  • Sweet Fennel
  • Coriander

dog eating

Protect Your Dog’s Coat

  • Frankincense
  • Helichrysum
  • Copaiba

beautiful dog coat

Naturally Prevent Fleas & Insects

  • Palmarosa
  • Lemon
  • Tarragon

itchy dog

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“How do I use essential oils with my dog?”

Using essential oils with your dog needs to be handled with the utmost care for a number of reasons. For starters, not all essential oils are safe for dogs! Dogs and humans are so different, that our systems don’t react the same way to each oil, so you should NEVER just assume that an essential oil is safe for your dog. The following oils should be AVOIDED at all costs around your pet, as they’ve been shown to pose moderate to serious health risks for canines:essential oils bad for dogsThe next important factor that needs to be considered, is the dilution ratio, which depends on the size of your dog. Essential oils should never be applied topically to a canine without first being diluted into a carrier oil. Reference the chart below to determine the appropriate dilution ratio for your dog based on its weight:dog dilution ratiosAfter diluting the oil, rub it in your hands and apply to the ears, neck or spine of your dog. Dogs should absolutely NEVER ingest oils orally under any circumstances. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you avoid the eyes, nose and mouthThis also means to avoid areas that the dog can lick the oil off easily like its feet, legs or undercarriage.

Observe & listen to your dog.

Even if an oil is safe for you dog, it does not mean they will appreciate them. Every dog is different, so start slow and keep an eye out for any unusual changes in behavior. You can expect certain responses from your dog – such as sniffing, curiosity and calmness – but consult a veterinarian if the dog shows signs of discomfort, pain or if you think a dog has ingested a large amount of oil.

“What is the best brand of pre-diluted dog oils?”

Diluting essential oils is the hardest part of the equation, and for good reason; one should never take the safety of their pup for granted. Thankfully, there are fantastic options that come pre-diluted and sourced specifically for safe application to our dogs.

Although I’ve researched 6 or 7 different brands of dog oils, there’s only a few that I would trust on my own dogs. And of those, there is one brand that has earned my loyalty due to the purity of their product, variety, affordability, and customer service.

That brand is called Vitality Extracts, and they make the 3 best ready-to-apply oils on the market for dogs.

peaceful pup

Peaceful Pup

Peaceful pup is a calming blend of 6 oils that are pre-diluted and ready to use. It works amazingly well to relax and wind down your dog with ease. This is my absolute favorite dog oil blend, & I have used it in the past to deal with fireworks, separation anxiety, and car trips.

Before I first bought it I was skeptical. It wasn’t until I read several of the 400 glowing reviews that I decided I had  to try it. Now, I’m so glad I did! I simply roll it in my hands, apply it to my pup’s neck and watch in amazement as she calms down in just minutes!

Ingredients: Almond Oil, Lavender, Cypress, Geranium, Lemon, Frankincense, Chamomile German

Learn More

doggy digestDoggy Digest

Doggy Digest is a blend of 9 oils that assists and regulates your dog’s digestion. I’ve used it when switching foods, when my dog has an upset stomach and even when they are gagging or eating too fast. It is safe to apply directly to the belly (make sure to give gentle tummy rubs with it).

Robust ginger and peppermint oils (among others) put your pup’s stomach at ease and allows them to spend less time being uncomfortable and more time being themselves! This blend has saved my girl a number of times!

Ingredients: Almond Oil, Sweet Fennel, Aniseed, Caraway, Coriander, Lavandin, Peppermint, Tarragon, GingerLearn More

Fur EnvyFur Envy

This extravagant blend is for those pups that love to flaunt their fur. It’s specifically designed to support and protect the health of your dog’s coat. It naturally wards off fleas, ticks and other insects while promoting hair growth and sturdiness. My dog’s coat never had the luster, vibrance and shine it does after using this all-in-one support blend of 7 oils. 

Since it’s designed specifically for the fur, I like to add some of this oil onto a brush and comb through the hair on my dogs back. It smells amazing and leaves her with a gorgeous shiny coat that is strong and healthy.

Ingredients: Almond Oil, Lavender, Copaiba, Palmarosa, Frankincense, Lemon, HelichrysumLearn More

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OK, that about covers most of it! If you’re interested in purchasing any of these oils, CLICK HERE! Try them, you’ll love them. I know I do. You can read hundreds of customer reiews

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    How and where to apply doggy digest?

    • Skylar Keyes

      Hi Nona! You apply the Doggy Digest the same way as the Peaceful Pup. Roll it into your palms and gently massage it into the back of the neck, chest or spine! Just be sure to keep it away from sensitive areas like the eyes and mouth!

    • Rebecca Mercaldo

      Nona, you can apply the doggy digest right on the belly

  • Colleen Katz

    Thank you for this insight! I have a 13 yr old labrador who has arthritis and hypothyroidism. Could I use oils to ease her pain? Which one(s)? She has been on pain meds but they upset her stomach and are very expensive.

    • Skylar Keyes

      Yes! I would recommend the Peaceful Pup blend for your dog. It contains frankincense and lavender, which will not only calm your dog but also has been showing to have anti-inflammatory and pain reducing qualities! Always consult with your vet before using oils in combination with medication!

  • Paula S Walker

    I LOVE Peaceful Pup! It has helped my anxious and excited Sophie calm down. I was away for a few days on vacation and my niece was watching her. She used PP on Sophie at bedtime and she said it was a lifesaver. It has also helped during the 4th of July fireworks season. Normally, Sophie is barking louder than the fireworks. Not with Peaceful Pup! It’s almost like she didn’t even notice what was going on! I would recommend it to anyone dealing with their fur baby. Thank you! Paula in Cookeville, TN

  • Sally

    Thank you for the wealth of information!! How do you use the roll on for the fur?? [email protected]

    • Skylar Keyes

      Hi Sally! Simply roll it into your hands and apply on the neck and down the spine of the dog. Avoid any open wounds or bare skin!

  • Skylar Keyes

    Hi Susan,
    I would try the Peaceful Pup or Fur Envy blends. Avoid sensitive areas that the dog has scratched or bitten and stay away from places he can lick the oils off of. We apply to the neck because it is close to the head and we want our dogs to enjoy the benefits of the oils aromatically. If he has specific allergies, we recommend you talk to your vet about using it with your dog! The ingredients are posted above.

  • Sandra Ike

    I just got this roll on for my dog and I also got the migraine and sleep one. How do I use the migraine one and sleep one. The dog one you roll on your hands and rub. No directions in package

  • Donna N

    I started using Peaceful pup on my toy poodle. She has a bad reaction to thunder. Now she gets a little rub down with Peaceful pup and just chills out. I love it.

  • Rebecca Mercaldo

    Thank you for this and giving insight to people that assume just because it’s safe for a human is good for them. I distribute essential oils, have 3 fur babies and would never apply an oil without looking it up!

  • Karen Lemire

    Thank you so much, I love using essential oils in my reiki treatments for my clients, and love my four legged friends!

  • Chris Kaminski

    Thanks for this information.

  • David

    Thank you so much for this article….can one use a diffuser with a dog? Are there separate rules for diffuser oils in the air. I would love to start essential oil therapy for myself but don’t understand if I will be putting my pet at risk…

    • Katie B

      Oils can be toxic for some animals, especially cats! For this reason, we do not recommend using oils on them or around them before contacting your vet. This is the best option in order to gain a full understanding of what oils are toxic and to cross-check the ingredients of your blend with them

  • Fiona

    I wanna buy try it for my dog, can ship to Hong Kong?

    • Katie B

      We ship worldwide 🙂

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    Keep up the terrific writing.
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  • Vicki Smith

    What is a carrier oil? Need to know so I can try ginger on inflammation of my dog thanks

    • Katie B

      A carrier oil is a vegetable oil made from plant seeds, kernels, or nuts that are used to dilute essential oils. They help ‘carry’ essential oils safely onto the skin preventing any possible skin irritation, redness, or burning that can be caused by undiluted essential oils. Almond oil, Argan oil, Fractionated coconut oil, and Jojoba oil are the most commonly used carrier oils.

  • Lauren Fasig

    Is it okay to use a diffuser for with lavender essential oils for my dog?

    • Katie B

      Oils can be toxic for some animals, especially cats. For this reason, we do not recommend using oils on them or around them before contacting your vet.