A Scrub To Get Rid Of Dead Skin & Bring Back The Glow

We go through many changes throughout the year, one being the seasons. Not only do we see these changes outside in the park where colorful flowers grow during spring but then start to turn during fall, but we also can see the effect from these changes on our skin.

The constant shift from warm to cold and then back to warm, can cause dull skin.  So no matter what time of the year it is, one thing that remains the same is our need for exfoliation- yes, even in the summer time! (just scrub 1x a week rather than the normal 2x+)

If you’re one of those people who has tried everything to keep a little bit of your summer glow year-round, you’ll love this recipe for a DIY sugar scrub made with coconut oil, honey, and essential oils. While most lotions and exfoliants are loaded with chemicals that can further dull your complexion, this all-natural remedy will leave your skin soft and supple until the summer equinox.

Why We Love It:

You’re probably aware of the hydrating benefits of coconut oil, but did you know raw honey is loaded with skin-saving vitamins that moisturize, slow down aging, and soothe dry skin? Brown sugar also helps to gently exfoliate while supporting skin cell regeneration.

This particular scrub is made with orange essential oil, an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory that will give your clearer, brighter skin. We also included tea tree oil which helps purge your pores and reduce inflammation. However, you can use virtually any essential oil that suits you – lavender, lemon, and patchouli oil work great as well!

This scrub only takes 15 minutes to make and chances are you already have some of the ingredients at home. You could even tie a cute ribbon around the glass jar for a homemade gift your friends will love.

How to Make It:

Blend the following ingredients in a small glass jar. The best way is to start by mixing the coconut oil and honey, then slowly adding the sugar and oils.

How to Use It: After washing your face, apply the scrub and massage it gently into your skin, scraping off all those dead skin cells that dull your complexion. Leave it on for a few minutes to let the coconut oil and honey soak in, then rinse with warm water and pat dry. To lock in moisture for extra-thirsty skin, you can finish by applying a small amount of coconut oil. This scrub can also be used on your entire body in the shower.

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