Confessions of a Retired Skin Care Expert

I sold out. 

There’s no other way to say it…

I’ll explain that in a minute.

But first, let me briefly tell you about myself…

For over 30 years, I ran a successful aesthetician practice in Miami.

Earlier this year, right around my 70th birthday, I sold my business.

I did really well for myself. I built up a large clientele and produced some amazing skin care results for some people. For a while, I was proud of the work I was accomplishing. The services and knowledge I was providing to people. The confidence I helped that person get back by improving their skin.

For a while.

skin care expert

But now, let me tell you what I mean when I said “I sold out.”

When I first got certified, I vowed to take the industry in a new direction. I wanted to help people, not take advantage of people. I held myself to a higher standard.

You see, I’ve always promoted organic & natural health.

But I quickly realized after starting my own practice in South Florida that natural health wasn’t going to pay my bills.

My clients didn’t want natural skin care. They wanted miracles.

I was shocked to realize that 90% of my clients associated the price of a product with its effectiveness.

That’s right, I literally had multiple clients refuse my expert opinion because the products I recommended weren’t expensive enough.

I think that was the moment I sold out.

harsh skin care products

So instead, I did what every skin care professional does: sell overpriced, ineffective and toxic products to their clientele.  

Now don’t get me wrong, lots of products that I pushed on my clients did work.

But they only worked short term. And when the products did work, they created a perpetual, vicious cycle of skin care problems for my clients.

The $200 anti-wrinkle cream I sold and marked up 50% would end up clogging pores. So then I’d sell my clients the $100 pore extractor.

Pore extractor… That’s a fitting term. Because for a long time, I’ve felt like I’ve been extracting money from my clients, making them poorer – and for what?

Not the reasons I used to take pride in.

Not for the benefit of others.

Just for money?

As I looked in the mirror I was disgusted that I’d become just another money-grubbing aesthetician.

This was the moment I truly decided to live up to the commitment I had made only 10-15 years earlier.

I think this was the most pivotal moment in my career.

skin care storefront

Against the advice of almost everyone I knew, I shut down my first business and started a new one.

One that embraced my passion for helping and healing others by implementing healthy, safe and natural skin treatments and products.

As I mentioned earlier, I sold this business last year.

But the last 15 years of my career were filled with more fulfillment, learning and discovery on the subject of natural skin care than I ever could have imagined.

The Answer for Beautiful Skin With No Side Effects & That Won’t Bleed You Dry

And so now that I’ve confessed my sins as a skin care expert, I want to share with you a simple, inexpensive solution for youthful-looking skin. I can’t take back those lost years of selling overpriced garbage serums, but if I can save just one person–maybe you–from buying toxic and expensive skin care products, I’ll feel a little redeemed.

The solution is something I’ve known about for decades. And it’s something that has been around for thousands of years and is proven by research studies to work.

What I’m about to share with you doesn’t contain harmful ingredients to you or the planet. And if I could go back in time, I would have recommended this solution to all my clients … even if it meant making less money… 

The solution I’m talking about is essential oils. You can think of essential oils as Mother Nature’s skin care collection.

Now unless you’ve been living in a cave or are totally unfamiliar with holistic skin care, essential oils are concentrated therapeutic plant compounds.

But for essential oils to make you look 5 or even 10 years younger, you need to have the right combination of oils.

The problem is, making and blending your own oils can be expensive and takes a lot of time. However, after 30-plus years using essential oils, I believe I’ve finally found the perfect combination. It’s in a product called Skin Envy. And I really hope that one day it puts every crooked aesthetician out of business.

How You Can Look At Least 5 Years Younger With Just These 5 Natural Plants

Skin Envy is an all-natural youth serum, containing five essential oils—Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Vanilla, and Coconut.

Each of these ingredients has been scientifically proven to help even the most tired and aged skin appear younger.

In fact, frankincense is one of the leading wrinkle-fighting ingredients in the world. It’s even recommended by dermatologists. But dermatologists can’t pay their huge overhead just selling frankincense oil. Nonetheless, for over 5,000 years, women around the world have been using it as a natural astringent and youth serum.

Another Biblical beauty secret is myrrh. It’s no wonder Esther, Queen of Persia, used it to soothe and rejuvenate her dry, cracked skin. It can also minimize the appearance of skin patches.

Reverse Your Age Without Causing Harm To Yourself Or the Environment

I could go on and on about each of these oils …

But let me share a secret with you. A skin care product doesn’t have to cost a couple hundred bucks in order for it to work. The reason why your aesthetician and dermatologist want to keep you in the dark about essential oils is that they can’t profit enough from it.

Throw out all your toxic, artificial skin care products and give Skin Envy a try. I’m here to tell you it works.

And it doesn’t contain any cheap oils or synthetic ingredients that lots of other oil companies use.

I spent countless hours looking for the perfect anti-aging youth serum. Even though I had been using oils for decades, I found it a pain in the you know what to make anti-aging blends.

After coming across it just by doing some basic Internet research, I was impressed by Skin Envy’s ingredients and how this amazing, youth cocktail is environmentally-sustainable.

I used it on myself and noticed clearer, more glowing skin within just a few days. As a result, I purchased Skin Envy not just for myself, but for some of my best clients.

You know what’s funny and bitterly ironic? After a few weeks of using Skin Envy, and this was just a few weeks ago, I ran into one of my clients. She actually asked me if I had a Botox injection. Hey, I’m 70 … my skin’s not perfect. I have that little frown line between the eyebrows. But after taking Skin Envy it’s noticeably shrunk.

I didn’t have the time to tell my client everything I’ve just told you. But I did give her the gift of Skin Envy.

I’m sure I’ll be hearing from her soon. 


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