This Is How I Fall Asleep Without Using Pills

For six months, I was struggling with insomnia, depression, and anxiety—the trifecta! It was a vicious cycle. I couldn’t sleep, so I stayed up and thought about things, usually stressful things: rent, car payments, lack of job security, the health of my friends and family, etc. You know, things you probably worry about, too.

I finally consulted a doctor about all of my problems. He was all too quick to prescribe me medications to treat the depression and anxiety I was experiencing. Not even a full week on these drugs that I didn’t even know how to pronounce, and I could already feel the toll they were taking on my mind and body. Sure, I was temporarily “happier.” But at night, when the medication started to wear off, my depression became even more crippling, holding my sleep completely hostage.

“ISN’T THERE ANYTHING THAT CAN HELP ME GET SOME SLEEP?!” I literally shouted in the middle of the night. I realized then that I couldn’t take it anymore. I was getting scared. Something had to give.

A few days later, I saw an ad for Vitality Extract’s Sweet Dreams, an exclusive, all-natural elixir promising a good night’s sleep. I was initially very skeptical. However, my desperation had pushed me over the edge and I decided to try it. Worst case scenario, I’d be out a few dollars.

My purchase arrived within just a few days: a small bottle of the essential oil and a fashionable bracelet. The oil was to be used in a diffuser, before bed, as well as rubbed directly on the skin and/or on the bracelet. I wasn’t taking any chances: I applied three drops of Sweet Dreams to the bracelet, rubbed a couple more drops into a carrier oil before applying topically to my chest, and then diffused five drops throughout my bedroom.

Before I even realized it, I was waking up the next morning completely rejuvenated and refreshed. I was beside myself with relief, confusion, and honestly, outright disbelief. I tried the exact process the next night, and I kid you not, got the same amazing results!

I am a very skeptical person, but Sweet Dreams has turned me into a full-on fangirl! The best part: the sleep was fully sound, and waking up was a total breeze—unlike over-the-counter sleep aids that always left me feeling groggy and zombie-like the next day.

I had to find out what was in Sweet Dreams. How could something so small and simple be so potent and powerful?

What’s In Sweet Dreams?

To my surprise, Sweet Dreams is expertly blended with rich, all-natural ingredients, each promoting a feeling of tranquility:

  • Orange: Relaxes the central nervous system, while promoting a feeling of drowsiness, allowing you to sleep throughout the entire night.
  • Juniper Berry: With a strong, soothing fragrance, relaxes the body and unwinds muscle tension, resulting in a faster sleep.
  • Lavender: Both slows the heartbeat and relaxes the muscles, also reducing stress to ensure a sounder and smoother sleep.
  • German Chamomile: Calms anxiety, and loaded with antioxidants to aid in sleep, digestion, and lower potential health risks.
  • Coriander Seed: Rich in both Vitamin B and Magnesium, works as a natural muscle relaxer and soothes the nerves, while gently lulling the mind and body into tranquility.

When these pure, exclusive ingredients are meticulously crafted together, an authentic and advanced sleep serum is created, resulting in nights full of deep sleep and well-rested mornings. And one of the best features offered by Sweet Dreams is how easy it is to use!

How to Use Sweet Dreams 

There are only two basic steps to using Sweet Dreams, after which, you will immediately reap the rewards.

First, diffuse three to five drops of Sweet Dreams per 100ml of water. Depending on your particular needs and sleep patterns, you may want to double this amount of oil.

Next, an hour or so before bed, use the Sweet Dreams roll-on to roll the solution onto your feet, neck, forehead/temples, and chest/abdomen area. Once the solution has connected with your skin, you will feel calm and relaxed. The bottle is pre-diluted with 100 percent Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil, and can, therefore, be safely used by anyone.

Of course, you also have the option of using the bracelet. Place the bracelet on your wrist, and then add three to four drops of Sweet Dreams onto the material of the bracelet instead of or in addition to your skin.

Why Use Sweet Dreams 

I wish I would have stumbled onto Sweet Dreams years ago. I no longer wake up feeling cranky, frustrated, or lacking energy. I actually sleep at night—and for multiple, uninterrupted hours

The best part of using Sweet Dreams, is the fact that I’m not poisoning my body with unknown chemicals and toxins. I mean, who really knows every single ingredient put into sleeping pills? Or, for that matter, any prescription or medication? Not to mention, all of those drugs are extremely easy to become addicted to! No thank you!

I don’t have to chug coffee or energy drinks in the morning to try and stay awake. My skin even looks better, healthier, now that those large bags under my eyes have disappeared.

But instead of me going on and on about how wonderful and effective Sweet Dreams is, why don’t you see for yourself?

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