Peaceful Pup

I Was Threatened With Eviction — But This All-Natural Solution Saved Me

Aggression. Digestive issues. Destruction. And barking—so much barking.

That’s what I was facing on a daily basis, every time I’d leave my beautiful dog alone. I was worried and stressed—I didn’t know what to do anymore. Between angry neighbors, messes, and constantly replacing furniture that had been chewed and clawed, I knew something had to give, and fast!

I love Lola, my German shepherd. She’s the absolute best. All fans of furry, four-legged companions, big and small, will understand when I say Lola is like a child to me. My child was upset, begging with every bark, accident, and claw mark for me to help her.

But I wasn’t helping her. Worse yet, I didn’t know how to help her. Her behavior was getting worse, and my guilt stronger. It was down to me quitting my job so I could stay with Lola 24-hours a day—unrealistic—or giving her up—equally unrealistic, too. Give up my child? Seriously?

Luckily, though, my vet introduced me to an all-natural remedy for separation anxiety: Peaceful Pup. Thanks to my vet and Peaceful Pup, I still have my job and my dog!

What is Peaceful Pup? How does it work? Does it work? Is it safe and guaranteed?

All good, fair, important questions. I will answer them soon, but first, let me tell you a little bit more about my situation. Anyone with a dog (and conscious) can relate to it! And if you and your dog are anything like Lola and me, then you’ll also learn from this story.

Did you know that dog anxiety affects all breeds of dogs, and when left untreated, can lead to serious behavioral problems? This anxiety is often brought on due to fear and separation. That’s what brought on Lola’s anxiety. Every time I left for work, the gym, an evening out with friends—you name it—Lola would get scared and nervous. The poor thing probably thought I was never coming back for her. Of course, she acted out.

I dealt with the situation as best as I could, but once the neighbors started complaining, I knew I needed to take more action. I researched different options, only to come up empty-handed. I mean, sure, there are drugs and medications out there advertised as being “pet-friendly,” promising to calm and relax your dog. After reading the fine print, though, I discovered those pills are full of chemicals and toxins, designed to simply sedate your dog into a coma-like haze.

Really, those were my only two options? Literally drug my dog, voiding her of any personality. Or let her terrorize my home, bark endlessly, and fear an eviction notice?

However, because of my vet, I had a third option, a better option: Peaceful Pup. Once we started using Peaceful Pup, just as the name suggests, Lola and I have been at complete peace.

What is Peaceful Pup?

Peaceful Pup is an all-natural calming oil made with just seven ingredients found directly in Mother Nature that, when blended perfectly together, allow dogs of any size and breed to relax and stay calm throughout the day or night.

The ingredients include:

More importantly, Peaceful Pup isn’t a drug or medication that will alter your dog’s personality, turning he or she into a quiet, mindless, zombie-like creature. This remedy is completely safe, effective, and as mentioned, natural. Better yet, each ingredient promotes a calming relaxation to put your dog at ease.

Lavender works as a natural remedy for treating signs of anxiety, helping with depression symptoms, the reduction of stress, and is known for its uplifting and soothing qualities. Chamomile both relieves anxiety and calms nerves while inducing relaxation. Geranium is a natural antidepressant, sedative, and muscle-relaxer that eases breathing. Frankincense offers a calming and tranquil energy and quiets the mind. Both cypress and lemon have sedative and anxiety-reducing properties. The almond oil found in Peaceful Pup works as a carrier oil and allows the rest of the ingredients to be flawlessly fused together.

On their own, these ingredients are extremely powerful and potent. Can you imagine their positive and calming effect when intricately fused together into one, convenient bottle? No negative side effects or anything damaging to your dog’s health. Simply diffuse 10 drops of Peaceful Pup into an oil diffuser throughout the house, and/or directly massage the oil into the back of your dog’s neck.

Can Peaceful Pup Help With Other Types Of Stress and Anxiety?

Yes! Peaceful Pup is effective in calming dogs under any stressful situation. Severe thunderstorms or firework shows, introductions to new places or people, travel – these are all stressful for your dog. Peaceful Pup is safe and effective to use for all of these and any nervous situations. The convenient TSA approved roll-on bottle makes walks and travel a breeze. 

Is Peaceful Pup Guaranteed to Work For All Dogs?

Yes! Peaceful Pup is guaranteed to work for all breeds and comes with a 60-day, risk-free, satisfaction guarantee.

Where To Buy Peaceful Pup?

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  • Sue Gasiewicz

    My dog suffers with separation anxiety, anxiety from thunderstorms, as well as stress while traveling in the car. I had tried MANY different products with NO positive results. I had seen Peaceful Pup advertised and thought I had nothing to lose………well, I have to say it WORKS WONDERS!!!! I have had POSITIVE RESULTS and matter of fact have recommended it to several of my friends for their pups and they have the same GREAT results!!!! I cannot tell you what a Godsend this product is!!! I have been able to make the trip to Florida from New York with my relaxed pup!!! I have ordered several bottles so as to never run out!!! Thank you from my Dog & I !!!???

  • Michele

    My adopted pit can’t stand loud noises, and gets so scared she shakes and wants to hide. I tried the Peaceful Pup on her on New Year’s Eve and was surprised that it did calm her down. I’m going to order another bottle to keep at our cabin for thunder storms. ??

    • Maureen

      My beautiful 10 year old red golden retriever and I moved from a country setting into a small condo in the city. Construction nearby had started, planes flying over, garbage trucks, large trucks and noisy vehicles, plus much more of the city life had sent him into a terrorized piece of mush. I purchased Peaceful Pup and it has worked wonders for him and cured my discomfort seeing him so emotional and stressed. It was an almost instant wonder and has contributed to a more peaceful and loving home for us both. Extremely grateful for this terrific product. Highly recommend for any situation that sends your fur babies over the edge.

  • Caroline Tuttle

    This sounds like it would be great for dogs with separation anxiety

  • Judy Reed

    Thank you for this information. I may want to try it on my black lab 14 years old.

  • Pups name (Shayna Maidel)

    Sounds terrific

  • Roxanne G

    My dog Shelly gets anxious around people and other pets. Taking her on a walk was always risky business until we found Peaceful Pup.

  • Bill Burg

    Sounds like great stuff

    • Carol Parry

      My 75 lb lab mix is terrified of thunderstorms. Peaceful Pup works great. I rub it on my hands and then onto her ears and top of her head. Within a few minutes she calms down and will lay right by my feet We we’re having a rash of storms for awhile and she would come to me and sit until I rubbed the oil on her.

  • Vicky Veer

    Oh my goodness, this really works. Our big tough pitty girl Kona has always been terrified, I mean terrified of thunderstorms!!! I found the peaceful pup essential oil blend from this company and you just roll some on your hands and rub it on their ears and top of their head and let it work. For six years she was terrified and now she acts like she doesn’t even notice the thunder and lightning. I’m so glad I took a chance and purchased this oil.

  • Denise wise

    We use oils an they work great we use them too

  • Sherry Shoemaker Rippin

    I ordered this for my dog who whines and cries every time we are in the truck. This works great. I just have to remember to apply it about 15-30 minutes before we get in the truck. It seems to last a long time because when I picked my dog up about 5-6 hours later he was still calm on the ride home.

  • Sherrill Cates

    I have used this on my lab/mastiff mix for about 2 years. It works great on her. She is scared of thunder/loud noises.

  • Tania vlasov

    I just recieved it now I am trying it thanks

  • Amy C

    Wonderful product! Calms my dogs and they love it! Smells great!

  • Steven

    My almost 3 year old Cockapoo needs a lot more calm in his life. I put a little Peaceful Pup on the top of his head and after a few minutes he’s fine. He’s such a good boy when he’s not over stimulated.

  • Melinda G.

    I’ve already ordered another bottle while it’s still on sale!! Both myself and Riley my 9 week old Great Dane love love love it. As soon as she hears me rubbing my hands together she knows what’s coming and gets so excited.

  • Linda D

    My 8 yr old shih tzu is scared to death of storms or heavy rain hitting the house, I bought Peaceful Pup and within 5 mins of using it, he is completely relaxed. At 2 am I am so wide awake but at least he is resting and not shaking and pacing anymore.

  • Charleen J.

    It works, it calms my pug down he doesn’t bark alot anymore. I just roll on a little on each ear at night and he is good. Thanks so much wonderful product

  • Paula Hower Clausen

    Purchased Peaceful Pup in advance of the 4th of July. My lab gets so frightened when the fireworks begin. Peaceful pup settles her right down and relieves her anxiety over the noise! Thanks!

  • Lauren C.

    Thank you for the information – always enjoy learning More!!