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5 Ways Frankincense Can Enhance Your Everyday Health

Frankincense, also known as olibanum, is considered a historic treasure, which dates back thousands of years to the biblical times. It is said the value of Frankincense was so high during the biblical times,  that it was considered to almost be as valuable as gold.

Since then, Frankincense has continued to remain one of the most popular oils in the world, but the uses have expanded past just aromatherapy. From skin health to respiratory health, Frankincense essential oil is definitely a multitasker. Not to mention it smells great- a piney scent with a hint of lemon, also combined with a sweet, woody aroma.

There are many purposes and ways to use frankincense for your everyday health.

Here are five of them:


Frankincense essential oil is popular for its ability to decrease visible signs of aging. It does this by acting as an astringent, tightening the skin and promoting a supple youthful appearance and reducing wrinkles, scars, and sun spots.

It’s also used for stretch marks, healing minor wounds, and preventing acne. Frankincense promotes cellular and tissue regeneration.

Mix a few drops of frankincense with carrier oil before applying to your skin. (learn more about diluting essential oils with carrier oil)


The strong aroma of frankincense is a great choice to use during meditation. It can help heighten your spiritual awareness, intuition, and clairvoyance. Frankincense has long been used in religious ceremonies and its calming and soothing properties help still and center the mind, body, and spirit.

During meditation, use a diffuser with a few drops of frankincense.

Coughs, Congestion, and Sore Throats

Frankincense has anti-inflammatory properties. Inhalation of frankincense helps relieve congestion, a stuffy nose, a headache, and relaxes your respiratory tract. It boosts your immune system, soothes a cough, and eases the pain of a sore throat. It’s helpful in clearing the airways, easing bronchial and/or sinus infections.

Use in a diffuser or add a few drops to a pan of hot water, use a towel as a “tent,” around your face and breathe in the steam. Don’t get too close if the water is extremely hot. (read more about facial steams here)


Clear the air with frankincense. Instead of toxic cleaning supplies. Use frankincense to disinfect and eliminate germs around the house. It’s a natural antiseptic.

Put a few drops in a spray bottle with water and apply to countertops and other areas of your home; wipe dry.

To cleanse the air, put a few drops in a home diffuser. As mentioned frankincense is useful for colds and congestions, so if you use if when you’re feeling under the weather, it can also work as a disinfectant and help clear the air of germs.

Anxiety and Stress

Frankincense promotes relaxation, alleviating stress, tension, and anxiety with its calming aroma. It’s uplifting and helps balance mood, helping release negative emotions and mind chatter.

After a stressful day, put a few drops in the water of your diffuser. Its sedative and anti-depressant qualities promote a deeper level of calm (especially when used during mediation—see #2).

Use in a home or car diffuser or put a few drops on diffuser jewelry.


These are just five of the ways to use frankincense to maintain everyday health. It’s definitely one essential oil you’ll want to keep in your essential oil kit, as it serves you in so many ways.

Start using Frankincense today and let us know how you love it and which ways you put it to use!



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  • Merci Rea

    This information is well appreciated, thank you.

  • Marlene J Glidden

    I will start using it today. I have diffusers, bracelets, and carrier oils. I just put immunity in my living room one and now I will put frankincense in my bedroom diffuser. Thank you for the 5 ways of using it.

  • Patti B.

    Thank you for this informative information.

  • Paula M. Johnson

    Frankincense is one of my favorite oils. I use it on my skin, mixed with jojoba oil and I diffuse it with lavender oil to help me relax and sleep at night. And it smells wonderful!

  • Irene Harami

    I really like the information you provide for the various uses of the oils, such an educational path to wellness. Being new to the use of essential oils I am truly grateful. grate you

  • Patricia Green

    I use it for my RLS. It really helps!

  • Nancy Megyesy

    I have been putting a drop or two in a small amount of creme that I use on my face and it does seem to help with the skin. And it does seem to be relaxing. Nancy

  • Marci Lewis

    I love Frankincense! I use it every day on my bracelets!

  • Debbi

    Interesting and thank you for sharing. Some these I knew about but I learned something new today!

  • Phil Taylor

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    I mix it with myrrh to make a paste then apply it to little sum damaged carcinomas on my face. They simply disappear.

  • Ricardo

    Thank your for sharing this information.



  • Tami Schaumburg

    This has great timing as I am suffering with pneumonia right now. I am going to put it in my defuser and let it go to work. Thank you

  • Tammi R Gemaehlich

    Thanks for the information I will use Frankincense more now. I am always congested it seems so I will try it for my congestion anxious to see/ feel the results. Thank You!!

  • [email protected]

    I received Frankincense oil a few months ago and didn’t know how to use it, but thank you for e-mailing of how to use the oil. Thank you.

  • Donna Brothers

    This information very helpful:)

  • Annette

    Thanx. It really is amazing

  • Gayla Butler

    Thank you for this information. I use Frankincense but did not realize all it’s uses. Very informative.

  • Casey Keams

    I just have a question and not a comment: Question: Whats a Carrier Oil? (s)

    • Katie B

      A carrier oil is a vegetable oil made from plant seeds, kernels or nuts that are used to dilute essential oils. They help ‘carry’ essential oils safely onto the skin preventing any possible skin irritation, redness or burning that can be caused by undiluted essential oils. Almond oil, Argan oil, Fractionated coconut oil, and Jojoba oil are the most commonly used carrier oils.

  • Marie Starkey

    My husband had a mole on his temple…put Frankinscense daily within 2 months it disappeared. That was a couple of years ago and it has never come back. It is really wonderful.

  • Linda

    I LOVE using frankincense on my face, my abdominal scar, and for calming. Now I have some new uses to promote for the “King of Essential Oils”. Thanks

  • Linda Mowery

    Love frankincense