5 Harmful Effects of Xanax for Dogs & The All-Natural, Safe Alternatives

When I rescued my Labrador this summer, I quickly learned that she was not potty trained and that she suffers severely from separation anxiety. My veterinarian prescribed her Xanax, thinking it would help with her anxious suffering.

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Unfortunately, we found out the hard way that Xanax was not only bad for my dog but literally caused more harm than good. The drug put her health and well-being at risk.

Frustrated, I did some research. I was disgusted to discover that there are MANY complications and issues with giving drugs designed for humans to pets.

The Most Common Side Effects of Xanax for Dogs Are:

1. Upset Gastrointestinal System

Xanax tears apart a dog’s stomach, leading them to vomit and have diarrhea uncontrollably. When given daily, these drugs leave your dog feeling pain and discomfort throughout the day.

2. Weakened Muscles

Over time, Xanax weakens a dog’s muscles,  negatively affecting the kidneys and liver. This may result in expensive and excruciating procedures, or even death.

3. Induced Aggression

Instead of calming the dog, at times, Xanax causes more agitation, aggression, and anxiety. The dog becomes extremely harmful to others and has to be kept in solitary confinement. Growling, biting, and scratching are common reactions.

4. Severe Sedation

Xanax can leave dogs drowsy and lethargic, causing them to become clumsy and disoriented. This state of confusion is dangerous to the dog and others, as the dog may act abnormal and deviant.

5. Depression

After Xanax, dogs became depressed, stop eating, and no longer enjoy walks. They lose their personality and eight, becoming zombie-like, and spend more time sleeping. The dog may even try to escape.

Separation anxiety is a serious condition that many dogs suffer from, yet Xanax isn’t always the right solution. But veterinarians DON’T have many options to turn to when treating this common condition.

There just isn’t research or studies available to show what pharmaceuticals for humans can do to dogs. These drugs were never intended for pets when developed by companies.

Xanax has never been tested on pets. Though the drug is FDA-approved for humans, Xanax is NOT FDA-approved for dogs.

Consider that these addictive, potent pills were designed for hundred-plus pound humansnot small dogs. Or any size of a dog, for that matter.

Of course, drug companies only make a profit when they sell pills: the more they sell, the more they make. They don’t care about people or pets.

I don’t blame my vet for prescribing Xanax, which is what other vets do in hopes of somewhat treating separation anxiety. I understand there are no other options available. She was only trying to help and didn’t mean any harm.

I blame the drug companies.

These companies believe it’s besteven easierto just “take another pill” instead of treating the actual problem.

Pills don’t solve the issue; they only momentarily mask it, creating much larger complications along the way.

Drugs only toxify the user. In this case, drugs were toxifying my dog.

Still, I needed to control my dog’s separation anxiety somehow. My furry, friendly, number one pal was relying on me to make her feel safe and comfortable. I wasn’t succeeding.

With a little more research, I found VERY helpful and useful information.

How to Get a More Peaceful, Calm, Playful Pup—All-Natural, Safe, and Healthy!

1. More Exercise

More walks and exercise during the day result in lower blood pressure and a stronger heart and bones for dogs, which lowers the risk of depression and alleviates anxious and aggressive behavior.

2. Massages

Rubbing the tummy, back, and gently squeezing a dog’s muscles reduces nervousness and increases circulation for stronger breathing.

3. New Toys

Soft pillows with heat packets, rubber balls, and toys that conceal treats are therapeutic, lulling dogs into a tranquil state-of-mind.

4. Play Music

Dogs take comfort in music that has slower rhythms, fewer instruments, and simple melodies, as it positively soothes the nervous and cardiovascular system.

5. Use A Natural Dog Calming Oil

Dog calming oils have soothing properties to calm and relax dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds—without negatively affecting their personality or causing them pain and discomfort.

Be sure to choose a calming oil made of pure, safe, essential oil extracts, without any additives or chemicals. The one my vet recommended to me was Peaceful Pup, crafted with just 7 essential oils extracts.

More on Peaceful Pup later.

Who wouldn’t choose an all-natural solution in place of potentially poisoning their dog with dangerous pills? Pills that aren’t even made for pets.

I rescued my labrador to give her the happy, healthy, playful life she deserves—that all pets deserve. In the United States, more than 2.7 million adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized each year.

When I first brought her home, she was struggling badly with trauma. To say this beautiful, innocent pup had lived a rough life is an understatement.

She was too scared and fragile to be around other dogs, and would often hide. She was aggressive around humans, particularly children. I was constantly afraid she would jump, bite, or claw. I couldn’t even train her.

Needless to say, starting out was a rough experience. For both of us.

I wasn’t sure how to handle the situation. And then I gave my dog Xanax.

But Xanax didn’t help. It only made things much worse. After Xanax, my dog became more aggressive and destructive. She wouldn’t eat or play; she couldn’t control her bowels. And the seizures. The awful, heartbreaking seizures she experienced were the final straw.

The whole purpose of Xanax was to give her peace of mind. And to give me peace of mind, too, whenever I had to leave her alone.

Xanax wasn’t giving either one of us any peace, though—the complete opposite. I felt like an awful pet parent. My one job was to take care of my lab. I was failing her.

I tried some of the calming tips listed above, but also decided to see a different veterinarian. I want to get a second opinion. I’m so happy I did!  

Not only did this vet verify my research on Xanax, but she also recommended a dog calming oil to treat my best friend’s separation anxiety and all of the symptoms that came with it.

Specifically, my new vet recommended Peaceful Pup.

Peaceful Pup is all about what’s best for the dog. This natural, dog calming oil is the easiest and safest way to relieve a dog’s stress and nervousness, which often occur because of separation anxiety.

Peaceful Pup has no harmful chemicals, additives, synthetics, or side effects. It’s carefully blended with just 7, all-natural, tranquil plant extract oils:

Lavender Oil Extract

Alleviates anxiety and calms the central nervous system.

Chamomile Oil Extract

Reduces irritability, relaxes the muscles, and is a mild yet safe tranquilizer.

Geranium Oil Extract

Treats restlessness.

Frankincense Oil Extract

Steadies the heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing; works as a natural antidepressant.

Cypress Oil Extract

Removes toxins, boosts the mood, regulates blood flow.

Lemon Oil Extract

A natural alternative to Xanax, it reduces body tension and nervousness.

Almond Oil Extract

Ensures the solution is completely safe and healthy for all breeds, ages, and sizes of dogs.

Each ingredient has been expertly measured and crafted into one bottle to offer potent, soothing qualities to help put your best friend at ease for hours at a time.

Peaceful Pup is the only dog calming product available for dogs on the market today that is 100% all-natural and effective.

Xanax and other drugs toxify; essential oil extracts detoxify.

Using Peaceful Pup is even easy.

Diffuse the solution in the room that is commonly occupied by the dog. Then, apply Peaceful Pup directly to the dog’s body with a roll-on bottle. Gently rub it through their fur. Almost instantly, a peaceful sensation will take over and put the dog at complete ease.

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