Peaceful Pup

The Safe, Easy-To-Use, All Natural Dog Calming Oil That Vets Are Raving About

When my best friend asked me to do her “the favor of a lifetime” and adopt her precious Maltese, Roxy, how could I say no? My life-long friend, Barbara, and her husband, Phil, were relocating across the country for Phil’s job. As heartbroken as I was about losing my best friend, I felt comforted that I would still have Roxy to keep me company. I had no idea what I had just gotten us all into.

I had planned a daily routine for Roxy and me, including walks to the dog park. I never imagined Roxy not wanting to leave the house, but instead spending her days terrified, hidden under my bed. At first, I figured it may just be a phase. I was too embarrassed to open up to Barbara about it. Frustrated, I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong.

From cute and cuddly to frightened and agitated.

I’d known Roxy since she was just a puppy. I watched her grow into a warm, playful, fun-loving dog, who liked to greet people at the door, give kisses, and always had a wagging tail for everyone. So I was shocked to see how miserable Roxy was without Barb, how much (and fast) she changed. From the very first night she moved into my condo, she took to hiding under the bed.

The signs were obvious: Roxy was anxious and depressed.

Without Barb and Phil around, Roxy immediately turned into a different dog, a dog I didn’t even recognize. First, she stopped eating. No matter what I would give her, regardless of when, she showed no interest in it. No food, no treats, barely any water. She also stopped playing and wanted nothing to do with her toys, not even her favorite ball for fetch.

I, myself, was growing more anxious, wondering what I was going to do to help Roxy overcome her anxiety. There were no more greetings at the door, no kisses, and definitely no wagging tail.

As if not eating, playing, or showing any sort of affection wasn’t bad enough, she stopped wanting to go out for walks. She just refused to leave the house. This, of course, led to accidents in the house, which had never happened with Barbara. Since a puppy, Roxy had been well trained.

Now, she was making messes daily and then running right back under the bed, cowering, scared and ashamed. I was scared and ashamed, too. Barb had trusted me to take care of Roxy, but I was letting both of them down.

On top of all of this, Roxy was whining and barking constantly anytime I had to step out of the house. In the first month, I received three complaints from three different neighbors.

I needed help. Roxy needed help. This problem wasn’t going away on its own.

I finally broke down and made a veterinarian appointment. I knew the issue was too big and important to try to handle it on my own. Yet, I was terrified of what the vet would tell me. What would he think of me? What in the world was he going to do to help us? Take her from me?

Luckily, there was a vet-recommended way to help Roxy.

The vet introduced me to 100% natural dog calming oil called Peaceful Pup. I knew instantly that I had to try it. Not only was it crafted with just seven ingredients—all potent, pure, plant extracts taken directly from the earth—but it was guaranteed to be both safe and effective.

Peaceful Pup worked for Roxy because of its perfectly blended ingredients.

Upon further research, I learned that each of Peaceful Pup ingredients has long-lasting, calming properties that are healthy and reliable for all breeds of dogs. Take a look:

  • Lavender: Natural sedative effects soothe tension of the central nervous system
  • German Chamomile: Strong muscle relaxing properties heal restlessness and pacing
  • Geranium: Decreases blood pressure and negative feelings of stress, steadies emotions
  • Frankincense: Anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects, evokes feelings of peace
  • Cypress: Positive effects on mind and body, fights emotional stress and an overburdened mind
  • Lemon: Sweet, citrus aroma reduces corticosterone in the body and enhances overall mood
  • Almond: Non-toxic, rich oil helps all other oils absorb faster and better

You can imagine my surprise and joy! On their own, every ingredient in Peaceful Pup would help with at least one of Roxy’s ailments. Yet, when combined, Peaceful Pup is one, potent but safe, easy-to-use solution. I couldn’t wait to order Peaceful Pup and test it out on Roxy!

Just one more incentive of using Peaceful Pup: It’s fast-acting!

Peaceful Pup takes on an almost instant effect, and better yet, there are only two steps to using it. All you have to do is simply use and diffuse!

  1. Use: Apply Peaceful Pup topically to your dog with an easy-to-use roll-on bottle.
  2. Diffuse: Add a few drops of Peaceful Pup to a diffuser and diffuse throughout the house.

Yes, that’s really it! Two quick steps and Roxy was back to her old self: greeting me at the door with kisses, playing fetch, eager to go on walks, and enjoying treats again. She rarely ever barks and hasn’t been under the bed since I started incorporating Peaceful Pup into our daily routine. When I talk to Barb now, I no longer feel anxious or guilty. Barb doesn’t have to feel bad, either, knowing Roxy is happy, playful, and an absolute delight to be around; she’s living her best life!

I’ve saved the best part for last . . .

When I ordered Peaceful Pup, I received 50% off my purchase, FREE shipping, and a FREE Bonus Bottle!

You can only get Peaceful Pup directly from the manufacturer’s website and demand is always higher than supply. So if you want to try it, you have to do it now—before it’s too late!

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  • Robin

    Can you put peaceful pup extracts directly on dog?

    • Katie B

      Yes, Peaceful pup can be used directly on your dog’s fur. See the instructions provided below.
      How to use Peaceful Pup: 
      Here are some ways you can apply Peaceful Pup to help your dog calm, relax and wind down at the end of the day:
      For application, put the oil on your dog’s fur then massage it in with your hands.
      Along the spine – this is the most common topical application I use as it’s the best tolerated.
      Tips of ears– Apply the oil to the tip of the dog’s ears. For long eared dogs, it is recommended that you apply it higher on their ears or behind as they may shake their head and get the oil in their eyes accidentally.
      Applying to paws – Be sure to apply the oil on the skin between the paw pads.
      Indirect application – apply to bedding, collar or an area your animal frequently comes into contact with.
      • Avoid eyes, nose, anal area, and genital areas.
      • For puppies under 10 weeks of age, very old dogs or pregnant dogs, please consult your veterinarian before use