Sweet Dreams

The 3 All Natural, Drug-Free Ways To Get A Better Nights Sleep

Nearly 70 percent of all American adults struggle with sleep at least once a week, says Consumer Reports. That’s a staggering 164 million sleep deprived Americans.

Most people think sleep pills are the answer to a better night’s sleep. And why not? We all want simple solutions that work fast. Unfortunately, Consumer Reports found that the benefits of sleep drugs are small, and that the risks of using them are high and far greater than what many people realize.

Overcoming insomnia requires the ability to ease your mind, relax your body and prepare yourself for sleep. Sleeping pills do nothing to ease your mind or relax your nervous system to help you fall asleep or stay asleep. They just sedate you in an attempt to knock you out.

Most sleeping pills don’t work effectively for the long term because your body builds tolerance to them. This run up in tolerance often leads to addiction as your body becomes more and more dependent on the drugs and needs an ever increasing dosage to fall asleep.

3 Drug Free Alternatives for Insomnia 

1. Diet & Exercise

Evidence suggests that for improved sleep quality, you should cut down on the carbs and eat a Mediterranean-style diet, with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts, seeds, whole grains and fish.

Maintaining good sleep requires more than a being able to knock you out. Your brain’s feel-good chemicals need to be activated.

Research shows that eating certain foods such as kale and spinach, activate certain chemical messengers in your brain, such as GABA. The more GABA is activated in your brain, the calmer your nervous system becomes. (Low GABA levels are associated with anxiety). Eating these foods help you feel more tranquil and help elevate your mood.

Numerous studies have shown the positive effects of exercise on sleep quality and total sleep time. Like food, exercise also plays a big role in regulating your brain’s feel-good hormones, such as melatonin (regulates sleep) serotonin (controls your mood), dopamine (reward and motivation), endorphin (physical well-being) and oxytocin (the love hormone).

Research has concluded that you shouldn’t eat heavy meals late in the day and you should avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol in the evening. Try not to exercise before bedtime, because it may stimulate you and make it harder for you to fall asleep. Follow a routine at night to help you relax, such as reading a book, listening to music or taking a bath.

2. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a form of treatment that uses plant extracts, in the form of essential oils, by breathing them through your nose or putting them on your skin. You can diffuse essential oils in a diffuser and apply them directly to your skin.

Numerous research studies confirm the benefits of aromatherapy for sleep. And not just for the general public. Research suggests aromatherapy helps people with serious conditions sleep better, from leukemia patients to those with heart disease and depression and more.

According to Medical News Today, the reason why aromatherapy works so well is that it stimulates the olfactory system. That’s the part of your brain that controls smell. Through aromatherapy, the molecules of the plant oils reach your brain and your limbic system reacts. The limbic system is closely connected to your emotions, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, stress levels and hormone balance.

Aromatherapists help their patients achieve more consistent quality sleep by using specific plant oils to relax your mind and body. These essential oils slow down their patients’ heart rate and breathing, while also reducing stress hormones and blood pressure.

Be sure not to use the wrong oils, which can have the opposite effect and actually stimulate your senses, making it harder to fall asleep.

3. Sweet Dreams

One reason why many people turn to sleep pills is because they are so easy to use. There’s never been an aromatherapy product consisting of all the best plant oils for sleep that’s both simple to use and highly effective. That is, until now. Sweet Dreams is a blend of just the 5 most potent essential oils for sleep. Each of these ingredients are proven to promote sleep: 

LavenderPerhaps the most studied essential oil for sleep, research shows it contains compounds that act like a natural sedative—without the groggy hangover feeling of sleeping pills.

ChamomileContains the compound, apigenin, which binds to benzodiazepine receptors in the brain, resulting in a profound sense of relaxation. But you don’t have to worry about side effects with chamomile like you do with benzodiazepine drugs.

Sweet Orange OilInhaling sweet orange oil puts you in a relaxed, calm state and lowers your heart rate. Research also shows that orange oil reduces sleep disturbances in people who have trouble staying asleep.

CorianderActivates GABA. The more of this chemical messenger you have active in your brain, the more your nervous system relaxes. Normal GABA levels are critical for a good night’s sleep.   

Juniper BerryRich in myrcene, a natural compound that studies show reduces restlessness and improves sleeping time.

If you use a smartphone, laptop, computer or tablet, then you need Sweet Dreams. The bioactive ingredients in Sweet Dreams can negate the effects of these 21st-century sleep disruptors. Now more and more sleep therapist are turning to Sweet Dreams, the easiest way to use aromatherapy for sleep.

3 Easy Ways To Use Sweet Dreams

There are 3 simple ways you can use and diffuse Sweet Dreams:

  1. Diffuse – About 30-60 minutes before bedtime, power down your electronics (put your phone on airplane mode if possible) and pour 10 drops of Sweet Dreams in your diffuser. 
  2. Topically – Before bed, using the roll-on bottle, apply Sweet Dreams topically to your temples, neck, wrists and the bottom of your feet. 
  3. Bath – Pour 10-20 drops of Sweet Dreams into a warm bath before bed.

Is Sweet Dreams Guaranteed To Work For Everyone? 

Yes. Sweet Dreams comes with a 90-day money back, satisfaction guarantee. 

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