How Oils Will Improve Your Summer

Wherever you spend your summer, the weather is warmer and the days are longer, giving you more time in the sun. There are more outdoor outings like barbecues, trips to zoos and amusement parks, and time out in nature.

There are things to keep in mind during the summer months, and essential oils you can use to help with conditions that might arise, such as sunburn and insects. When you’re in your rest and relaxation mode, Vitality Extracts has essential oils to bring more pleasure to the moment.


It’s important to stay hydrated year round, but even more so when the temperature heats up and you’re out in the sun. If you’re exercising outdoors, you’ll really want to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water.

Vitality Extracts Skin Envy Blend is a combination of essential oils that work to regenerate and hydrate the skin, and relieve skin of the effects of the sun. It contains frankincense, sandalwood, myrrh, vanilla, and fractionated coconut oils that you can apply directly on your skin, once you’re out of the sun. Skin Envy increases the shine and luster of your face and improves skin rejuvenation.

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When you have too much sun

For sunburn, Peppermint Essential Oil provides cool relief to your skin. Apply on a cool damp towel or mix a few drops with water in a spray bottle and spritz the affected areas.

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Relax amidst the summer chaos

Whether you’re lounging at the beach, lake, pool, or in your backyard, it’s all about relaxing, enjoying the sun, taking a break and getting your mind off everything that’s going on in life. Lavender Essential Oil will help you do just that.

Diffuse it, put a few drops on diffuser jewelry, sniff straight from the bottle or use the roll-on.

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Keep it fresh

Keep your summer supplies fresh with Lemon Essential Oil. Whatever your choice of summer fun—tennis, hiking, swimming, splashing, picnicking—keep your clothes, shoes, towels, and bags clean and smelling good with lemon. Use it to wipe down the picnic table, too.

Just mix several drops with water in a spray bottle and spray away.

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Having too much fun?

A full day of playing in the sun can make you feel pretty tired. Barbecues, water activities, hiking, even just sitting in the sun can wear you out. The summer sun can be pretty intense. If you’re feeling drained and need a pick-me-up, Vitality Extracts Energy Blend rejuvenates body and mind.

It’s a natural mixture of rosemary, juniper berry, juniper needle, silver fir needle, lemongrass, clove, nutmeg, black pepper, and almond oil. Try the roll-on or diffuse Energy Blend to uplift your mood and increase energy.

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For the unwanted summer visitors

Summer heat also means pests. Repel insects, mosquitoes, ants and flies with Tea Tree Essential Oil. Mix with carrier oil and apply topically, mix with water and spray, or put several drops in a diffuser or on diffuser jewelry.

If you forget to use it and you get a few bites, use tea tree to treat bites, too. It helps relieve the itchiness that comes from bites and prevents infections.

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Have fun during the long, summer days and take care of yourself and your family with a variety of essential oils that will surely make the good times even better.


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