Quiz: Does My Dog Suffer from Separation Anxiety?

Find out if your dog has separation anxiety by answering 8 quick questions


From aggressive behavior to excessive barking or digestive issues, these are just some of the many signs that your four-legged best friend may be suffering from separation anxiety?


Separation anxiety is common in all dogs—more than 40% of the nation’s 80 million dogs experience the many the heavy stress from the painful symptoms of this condition—regardless of breed, age, or size.

Take this quick quiz to see if your dog may be on of the millions in desperate need of help with this chronic condition.



What breed is my dog?

2. How old is my dog?
3. Is my dog a rescue?
4. How many walks does my dog get each day?
5. On average, how many hours a day is my dog left alone?
6. When left alone, my dog barks, howls, and/or cries?
7. Does my dog have accidents in the house?
8. Is my dog aggressive towards other dogs and/or children?

If you are happy with your answers, please click the submit button for your  results.

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