Essential Oils for Spiritual Self-Improvement

As you travel your spiritual path, certain essential oils enhance your well-being with a calming fragrance that helps you advance in your quest for spiritual self-improvement. Vitality Extracts has three blends you may find beneficial on your journey.


Invigorate, rejuvenate, and stimulate both your body and mind with this wonderful Align Essential Oil Blend of Silver Fir Needle, Ylang Ylang Oil, Norway Spruce Oil, Juniper Needle, and Cedarwood Oil Himalaya. Align Essential Oil is designed to balance the chakras and calm the nerves, which in turn can assist with mindfulness and meditation.

Words from a few who have tried Align:

“Best aroma out of all the vitality oils.” – Marina F.

“Scent makes me feel a sense of calmness…” – Alicia H.

“Great present! I gave this to my niece who is also my godchild. She loved it!” – Heather B.


Balance Essential Oil Blend is great for centering and composure, two qualities that support spiritual self-improvement. It combines Frankincense, Ho Wood, Eucalyptus Radiata, Lemon, Camphor, and German Chamomile. Vitality Extract’s Balance Blend is good for reducing stress and increasing circulation; also works as an anti-depressant and anti-oxidant.

Words from a few who have tried Balance:

“I love the balance blend =) smells so good & it is definitely helping me!” – Neysa U.

“Balance blend is addictive. This was part of my first purchase, and I am very pleased. I was impressed with how potent the oil really is. About 3 drops was recommended to use on the bracelets; I could just use two and the smell lasted for 3 days easy. Love it and can’t wait to try others.” -Vanessa S.


Just like the name says, this refreshing blend uplifts and renews. This is the perfect blend for new beginnings and an asset to spiritual self-improvement. It’s bright and energetic and brings together the fragrances of Sweet Orange Oil, Camphor Oil, Cananga Oil, and Lavandin Grosso Oil. Refresh Essential Oil Blend helps conquer mental fatigue and regenerate, along with a boost to your immune system.

Words from a few who have tried Refresh:

“Love this one! It makes me energized but also relaxed. I’ve diffused it on my necklace since I purchased it.” – Elizabeth R.

“Delightful. I have used this in my diffuser at work and it is delightful. The scent is light and truly refreshing.” – Sheryl C.

“Love! A very fresh and refreshing scent. I get many compliments on this (as well as all the oils, diffuser necklaces and bracelets I have). Can’t go wrong!” – Jil A.


If you’re looking for single essential oils for spiritual self-improvement, try one of these:

  • Ylang Ylang— relieves stress, anxieties, and hypertension
  • Lavender — calms and sooths; deepens states of meditation
  • Frankincense—grounding and purifying; great for use with meditation
  • Eucalyptus— reduces mental stress and exhaustion; heals regrets and worries

Try different essential oils and blends to see which ones help you stay focused, grounded, centered, and better able to keep your mind on your goal of spiritual self-improvement.

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  • Margaret Mairi Wilson

    thank you for such a wealth of information on three of your blended oils….there is such a lot to learn as regards their many uses and your talk,in this regard,makes it fun exercise as well as a learning one!!!

  • Jenny hunter

    I use lavender in my diffuser everyday,,and since I’ve been doing that I’ve noticed that I don’t need my pain pills near as much as I did. I can only imagine how your other oils would help me even more… l must get ordering more of them..ty for everything!!!!

  • Ramona

    Essential oils have saved my life and work great!! I wish more people were aware of their many gifts!