The Perfect Gift by Vitality

How I Completed Over 1/2 of My Holiday Shopping List On A Major Budget

Gift Giving. It’s an absolute art — and unfortunately for me, one that I was never really good at.

We all know those people who always seem to give the perfect gift. The type of gift that’s not just loved by the recipient – it’s also trendy, thoughtful & out-of-the-box.

The type of gift you can tell they feel really good about giving.


Now, I said I never was good at it, and I meant that. But this year that changed.

Because a few weeks ago, I found the simplest way to not only get the perfect gifts for more than half of my girlfriends and family members, but to do it for just $50-100.

I’m not joking. My holiday shopping is almost done already and I don’t need to stress or worry about the perfect gifts any longer. On top of that, I feel great about the healthy, thoughtful gifts I’m giving away this year!

What I found was Vitality Extracts.


Vitality Extracts is the top online store for diffuser jewelry. If you know anyone who loves essential oils, you’re going to want to keep reading.


Each piece of Vitality’s unique diffuser jewelry is made with lava stones, a naturally porous black stone that absorbs essential oils. They have the cutest handmade bracelets, necklaces & rings that feature lava stones and other precious gemstones including hematite, rose quartz, tiger’s eye, jasper & more.

This remarkably simple, yet genius approach to diffusing essential oils has gained a huge following and a ton of attention and positive reviews, making it the perfect Holiday gift!


What’s most shocking is the affordability of all of their jewelry. The company offers FREE 2-4 day shipping with every purchase over $50, and with prices as low as $5 on several items, this equates to AMAZING Holiday gift potential!!!

I can’t emphasize enough how satisfied I was with my order, which arrived at my door within 3 days of ordering. Most of all, I’m so relieved to have most of my gift shopping DONE!

Do yourself a favor… Save time and money by doing your Holiday shopping with Vitality!

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