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7 Calming Plants To Treat Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Because of my dog’s constant barking, I was one complaint away from getting evicted from my home. I tried everything and was at a complete loss—I didn’t know what to do. I definitely wasn’t giving up my best friend. I couldn’t afford to board him at a fancy day care while I was at work.

I talked to my Veterinarian and told her there was no way I was putting my dog on Xanax. Fortunately she said I wouldn’t have to and told me about 7 plant extracts that safely keep dogs calm and relaxed without any nasty side effects. These pure, potent extract oils are 100% all-natural and are safe and easy to use. Yet, before I explain that, I want to share with you how each of these 7 powerful plant extracts soothed my dog’s stress and separation anxiety.

1. Lavender Oil

For centuries, the sweet aroma of lavender oil has been known to alleviate anxiety and calm the central nervous system. Its strong aromatherapy properties positively impact the mood, and soothes the mind. The pleasant scent of lavender oil promotes relaxation and has been proven by researchers to successfully act as a natural remedy for stress.

2. Chamomile Oil

Due to its natural abilities to decrease anxiety and help induce sleep, chamomile oil has been widely regarded as both a safe and mild tranquilizer. Its calming effects help reduce irritability, alleviate stress and relax muscles. Chamomile oil is loaded with an antioxidant called “apigenin,” which binds to specific receptors in the brain that decrease anxiety and help initiate sleep.

3. Geranium Oil

I recently discovered that geranium oil has more to offer than just a sweet-smelling aroma, like the ability to balance hormones, alleviate anxiety, and even promote emotional wellness. This essential oil thrivingly reduces inflammation, boosts relaxation of the nervous system, and aids stress reduction. Geranium oil is a safe, natural, and effective way to take the edge off, resulting in an overall calm, peaceful state.

4. Frankincense Oil

People have been using frankincense oil for thousands of years because of its calming and tranquil grounding properties. It treats depression, anxiety, and offers a clean and fresh aroma. This essential oil is rich in sesquiterpenes, a molecular structure that travels through the blood-brain barrier, working to alleviate the adverse effects of stress. Frankincense has a positive effect on heart rate, blood pressure and breathing. Due to its sedative, serene, and blissful qualities, it is often considered as a natural antidepressant.

5. Cypress Oil

The fresh, earthy scent of cypress oil was originally used by Ancient Greeks and Romans for its ability to relieve muscle pain and reduce symptoms of respiratory conditions. Cypress oil fortuitously offers astringent, antirheumatic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and sedative properties. This essential oil also removes toxins and feelings of anger, while boosting the mood and regulating blood flow.

6. Lemon Oil

The citrus scent of lemon oil works as a natural alternative to Xanax, reducing anxiety, depression, and anger—all at the same time. While decreasing the overall mood disturbance, it also puts up a strong fight against body tension. According to science, not only does lemon oil decrease stress, but it lowers the blood pressure, aids in digestion, and detoxifies the body.

7. Almond Oil

Essential Oils offer many therapeutic benefits for dogs and help promote their overall well-being. However, due to the sensitive nature of a dog’s sense of smell and certain physiological differences, essential oils should always be diluted with a carrier oil in order to be 100% safe for canines. Almonds are cold pressed into a pure clear carrier oil that best distributes the essential oils and their benefits. Almond Oil is great for dog’s skin and fur and helps with dandruff and odor.

Peaceful Pup: Veterinarians Favorite Natural Dog Calming Oil

Discovering that all 7 of these calming plant extracts have been perfectly balanced and blended into one powerful stress remedy was life changing for my dog and our family. Named Peaceful Pup, and rightfully so, this solution provides the perfect amount of lavender, chamomile, geranium, frankincense, cypress, lemon oil, and almond oils needed to keep my four-legged friend completely calm and relaxed while I’m at work. No more rips in the furniture. No more holes in the carpet. No more “accidents” on the floor. No more consistent barking and complaints from the neighbors. I am so happy I was able to find a all natural alternative to dangerous prescription pills. Whats best is how easy it is to use it.

To use Peaceful Pup, I first diffuse it in my living room (where my dog tends to spend most of his time) 15-30 minutes before I leave for work. Then before leaving, I simply apply Peaceful Pup directly to my dog. I gently rub Peaceful Pup through his fur. A calming, peaceful sensation instantly takes over, allowing my dog to feel entirely at ease. The convenient roll on bottle makes applying peaceful pup easy and its TSA approved for travel. I keep one with us anytime we are out on walks or at the park.

Can Peaceful Pup Help With Other Types Of Stress and Anxiety?

Yes! Peaceful Pup is effective in calming dogs under any stressful situation. Severe thunderstorms or firework shows, introductions to new places or people, travel – these are all stressful for your dog. Peaceful Pup is safe and effective to use for all of these and any nervous situations. The convenient TSA approved roll-on bottle makes walks and travel a breeze. 

Is Peaceful Pup Guaranteed to Work For All Dogs?

Yes! Peaceful Pup is guaranteed to work for all breeds and ages and comes with a 60-day, risk-free, satisfaction guarantee.

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