10 Ways Stress Damages Our Mind & Body —And the 100% All-Natural Solution to Manage It

We all have bad days, but today more people report to be suffering from stress than ever before. If you think you suffer from stress, you’re not alone. According to the American Psychological Association, 75% of adults reported experiencing moderate to high levels of stress just in the past month, while nearly half of those same adults revealed that their stress levels had actually increased throughout the year.

At its worst, stress is life-threatening. It wrecks the body in a myriad of ways, leading to negative side effects and consequences. Listed below are 10 ways stress can harm you and your body. Luckily, there is a safe, 100% all-natural solution to successfully manage your stress—without dangerous and addictive pills or prescription drugs. We’ll get to that remedy in a little bit. First, it’s important to understand the particular dangers of stress and why it’s necessary to get a hold on this condition sooner rather than later.

  1. Insomnia

If you struggle to fall asleep each night, stress is likely the culprit. Research is showing more and more that stress is playing a huge role in insomnia. Insomnia is greatly established by how an individual reacts to stress, both psychologically and physically. Today, transient insomnia is common, in which insomnia occurs for a short period of time following a stressful event. In turn, insomnia can then lead to accidents and health problems, including heart disease, heart attack, and high blood pressure.

  1. Frequent Colds/Infections

Stress is often demanding, and when it’s particularly taxing, it can cause the immune system to suffer, making it much easier to catch a cold or infection or get over one if one has already formed. Studies have shown that chronic stress causes the overproduction of cortisol in the body, resulting in the the immune system becoming overly resistant and inflamed.

  1. Low Energy

Stress can cause you to have such low levels of energy or chronic fatigue, that small, daily routines become exhausting, such as making your bed or washing your hair. The feeling of fatigue can come and go rarely, occur frequently, or persist indefinitely, ultimately negatively affecting all aspects of your life, including professional, personal, and social.

  1. Changes in Mood

Both mental and emotional stress often lead to random, frequent changes in an individual’s mood. When a stressful event occurs, a person who was once feeling happy or content can immediately feel sad, angry, or anxious. These changes in mood generally happen without much warning, and as a sign that strain has been placed on the hormones.

  1. Seclusion

Sometimes, when an individual is feeling particularly stressed, he or she may subconsciously seclude themselves from family or friends. This seclusion generally occurs as the person becomes so overwhelmed in their daily life that they are unsure how to manage or cope with certain aspects and situations, particularly those that are overly stressful.

  1. Forgetfulness

The body reacts to stressful times by secreting stress hormones into the bloodstream, resulting in strong and chronic alterations in certain brain areas. When this takes place, the memory is commonly affected negatively, resulting in forgetfulness and confusion. In the most severe cases, long-term damage can occur.

  1. Poor Judgement

Neuroscientists have revealed studies that indicate stress doesn’t just harm an individual’s health, but their decision-making skills, too. When a person is burdened with stress, he or she is more likely to have poor judgment when it comes to making decisions, in both personal and professional settings.

  1. Inability to Focus

When an individual has trouble concentrating, it could be due to stress. Specifically, a person can find it hard to focus on a task and maintain attention. As a result, the person’s work performance can suffer, as well as their personal and professional relationships. If someone can’t focus, they are more prone to make careless mistakes and lose things.

  1. Weight Gain

Researchers have discovered that when an individual is in a stressful situation, he or she is likely to consume 40% more food than usual. Further, when stress occurs—and lasts for a long period of time—appetites tend to increase, getting rid of belly fat is more difficult, and implementing a healthy lifestyle becomes challenging.

  1. Premature Aging

When a person suffers from chronic stress, he or she is likely to experience premature aging. Stress shortens a person’s telomeres, the structures on the end of chromosomes, making it difficult for new cells to grow as quickly. As a result, signs of aging occur, including wrinkles, weak muscles, poor eyesight, and more.

If you have encountered one or more of the conditions listed above, it’s most likely due to stress, which can completely wreck your body. Luckily, there is a safe, all-natural remedy to manage your stress, which will allow you to avoid its negative symptoms, such as insomnia or weight gain. This remedy is Stress Ease, and it’s only available right here.

What Is Stress Ease?

Stress Ease is a pure, 100% all-natural solution that has been crafted with just 5 peaceful, calming extracts. No harmful chemicals. No additives. No synthetics. No habit-forming substances. Just ingredients from Mother Nature that have been perfectly blended together to promote a calm, tranquil state-of-mind.

The ingredients of Stress Ease include:

  • Bergamot Oil
  • Sweet Orange Oil
  • Ylang Ylang Oil
  • Pink Grapefruit Oil
  • Patchouli Oil

Bergamot oil reduces the corticosterone response to stress, blocking the adrenal glands from over-producing stress hormones. Sweet orange oil contains natural tranquilizing components, helping to reduce anxiety and slow the pulse. Ylang ylang oil reduces blood pressure, improves mental function, and induces calmness. Pink grapefruit oil offers a fresh, soothing, and uplifting scent, which stimulates the nervous system and leads to an increased focus and alertness. Patchouli oil has different properties and works as an antioxidant, antidepressant, and anti-inflammatory.

Each of these therapeutic oils offers their own soothing properties. However, when perfectly balanced for maximum effectiveness and blended into one natural stress remedy, the results are unbelievable. Stress Ease is the best, all-natural alternative to dangerous pills and prescription drugs that cause negative side effects, such as grogginess, irritability, and addiction. If stress has a way of constantly invading your life, then you can’t afford to live without this incredibly effective, stress-relieving solution.

How to Use Stress Ease

Stress Ease can be used in a few different ways. First, diffuse a few drops of the solution throughout your home (because Stress Ease is entirely pure and natural, it’s safe for the whole family—pets, too). You can add 15-20 drops of Stress Ease into your bath water, creating a calming, spa-like experience. You can even use the roll-on bottle, which you will receive free with your purchase, to apply Stress Ease directly to your skin, such as your temples, wrists, and/or feet for instant relief.

Is Stress Ease Guaranteed To Work?

Yes! Stress Ease comes with a 60-day, risk-free, satisfaction guarantee.

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