10 Signs Your Dog Suffers from Separation Anxiety – And How To Treat It Without Drugs

It’s common for most pets to suffer from separation anxiety. If your dog routinely demonstrates disruptive or destructive behavior, excessive barking, or signs of depression, don’t worry—you are not alone. These are “cries for help,” but they don’t mean your dog is bad or poorly trained, just that he’s scared or sad to be left alone.

Acts of mayhem or mischief are ordinary among all dogs when left by themselves for long periods of time, and can include a wide variety of undesirable responses, with the worst trying to escape or self-injury.

But what’s the fix to this problem? You can’t quit your job and stay home with your dog all day long. Unfortunately, separation anxiety doesn’t just take a toll on pets, but negatively affects pet parents, too.

Don’t worry, though! Veterinarians have found a safe, all-natural remedy to manage your dog’s stress and anxiety, which will ultimately allow you both to rest easily. More and more vets are turning to this solution because it is safe, humane and easy to use! But, before we get into that, let’s take a look at the 10 telltale signs that could indicate your dog is having a difficult time being left alone.

  1. Destruction

From chewing to tearing to clawing, many dogs who suffer from separation anxiety take out their stress in a destructive manner. Not only will your dog destroy household items, but he can also greatly harm himself, such as breaking his teeth or cutting his paws.

  1. Accidents

When left alone or separated from their main guardian, dogs may have accidents inside the house. This can—and does—happen to even the best-trained dogs, as it’s a way to express their feelings of stress and anxiety caused by being left alone.

  1. Barking

Excessive barking and/or howling is one of the most common signs that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety. Unfortunately, when this behavior occurs, it’s usually persistent, and won’t stop until the pet’s parent or main guardian returns home.

  1. Pacing

It may be difficult to tell if your dog is a pacer, as most dogs who pace due to separation anxiety only do it outside of the presence of their guardian. Yet, dogs who do experience stress and anxiety often pace in a circular path or pattern, as well as back and forth in a straight line.

  1. Trembling/Shaking

Again, it may be difficult to learn that your dog trembles or shakes as a result of stress or anxiety, as they usually wait until they are alone to demonstrate this behavior. However, dogs who are scared to be left alone, tremble or shake uncontrollably for hours at a time.

  1. Hiding

If a dog senses his parent or guardian is about to leave, he may hide, indicating he doesn’t want to be left alone. Further, if you arrive home and your dog is not in his usual spot, it could be a sign that he’s hiding due to separation anxiety and stress.

  1. Panting/Heavy Drooling

If a dog pants or drools heavily when left alone, he likely suffers from separation anxiety. Both the panting and drooling are indicators that he’s nervous and possibly even scared when not in the company of his guardian. Because of the stress, there will be a rise in body temperature, which not only leads to panting and heavy drooling but sweating, too.

  1. Shedding

It’s common for most dogs to shed. However, when separation anxiety occurs, dogs will shed excessively more than normal. Specifically, if you find large clumps of hair after having been away from your pet for a long period of time, it’s safe to assume your dog isn’t comfortable being left alone.

  1. Vomiting

Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety will often vomit when left alone, or when away from their main guardian for long stretches of time. Because the dog is so scared or stressed to be by himself, he may work himself up to the point where he gets sick.

  1. Escaping

As mentioned above, when a dog is particularly scared or stressed due to separation anxiety, he may try to escape from his home. Again, this isn’t any indication that the dog is bad or misbehaving, simply that he’s upset and trying to find his guardian.

No one can be blamed for your dog’s feelings of separation anxiety—especially you. And while you may suffer too, seeing your dog in such a state, there is a solution to the issue: Peaceful Pup.

What Is Peaceful Pup?

Peaceful Pup is a natural calming oil that can relieve your dog’s stress and nervousness, common symptoms of separation anxiety. Not only is Peaceful Pup a 100% safe, all-natural solution, specially crafted with just 7 calming plant extracts, but it’s also safe around people including small children. No wonder it has become a veterinarian favorite.

No harmful chemicals. No additives. No Synthetics. Just ingredients from Mother Nature that have been carefully blended together to help ensure your dog stays relaxed and at peace when anxious or left alone for hours at a time.

The ingredients of Peaceful Pup include:

  • Lavender Oil
  • Chamomile Oil
  • Geranium Oil
  • Frankincense Oil
  • Cypress Oil
  • Lemon Oil
  • Almond Oil

Lavender oil alleviates anxiety and calms the central nervous system. Chamomile oil reduces irritability, relaxes the muscles, and is a mild and safe tranquilizer. Geranium oil is great for treating restlessness. Frankincense oil helps steady the heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing, and works as a natural antidepressant. Cypress oil removes toxins while simultaneously boosting the mood and regulating blood flow. Lemon oil works as a natural alternative to Xanax, reducing body tension and nervousness. Almond oil is the carrier oil used to ensure the solution is 100% safe and healthy for all dog breeds.

On their own, each of these ingredients offers soothing, tranquil qualities. Yet, when perfectly measured and blended into one convenient product, the results are incredible: a powerful, effective, completely natural calming solution for your dog. Unlike drugging your dog, Peaceful Pup is something you can feel good about giving your four-legged friend. 

How to Use Peaceful Pup

Diffuse the solution in the room that is most frequently occupied by your dog an hour before you leave. Then, right before you go, directly apply Peaceful Pup to his body by gently rubbing it through his fur. Almost instantly, a calming, peaceful sensation will take over, putting him at complete ease. With your purchase, you will receive a free roll-on bottle of Peaceful Pup, making it easy to use the solution on walks, at the park, and even at the airport because it’s TSA-approved. Use the roll-on to rub Peaceful Pup behind the dogs ears for a new instant calming effect. 


Is Peaceful Pup Guaranteed to Work?

Yes! Peaceful Pup comes with a 60-day, risk-free, satisfaction guarantee.

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