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The Science Is In: Can Essential Oils Really Help People Wind Down And Relax?

Can essential oils really help me turn my brain off and finally fall asleep? I have to admit: I highly doubted it. There’s no way I thought plant extract oils would end up being the ultimate off switch for my constantly racing mind. But after trying everything from meditation to prescriptions and herbal remedies, essential oils have been the only thing that help me wind down at night.

But not just any essential oil can tame my racing mind. There are however, 5 specific soothing oils that are now bringing relief to millions.

I’ll tell you what these 5 plant essential oils are in a moment. But first let me just tell you real quick how I discovered them.

You see, I have a bloodstream that constantly flows with stress hormones. I ran a stressful family business for years until recently retiring. Still today, I find my mind and body in fight or flight mode daily.

Turning off the news, reading a good novel, even painting at night … none of these help me shut off my brain before bed.

But while at the doctor’s office about three months ago, I was complaining about how stressful the week had been. We had just lost one of our beloved dogs. She noticed me with my eyes closed, rubbing my temples, fighting back the tears.

That’s when she pulled something out of her desk, came over to me and told me to take a few deep breaths while holding the bottle a couple inches under my nose.

Within seconds, I experienced a full mind and body calm like I never have before.

“Was that aromatherapy?” I asked.

The doctor smiled and showed me a bottle of something called Stress Ease.

Imagine Going Through Each Day With No Anxiety

The amazing thing about Stress Ease is that I felt fully relaxed and stress free for the rest of the day.

When I asked the doctor if she could prescribe that to me. She laughed and said no prescription is necessary. She said the bottle she had was free and that I could keep the rest. She also gave me the website where you can get free bottles of Stress Ease too.

Later that night, I decided to put Stress Ease to the test and see if it could help me power off my racing mind before bed.

You know that blissfully optimistic feeling when you just start waking up after a good night’s sleep? I forgot what that was like. But to my surprise, that’s how I felt after using Stress Ease at night. I fell asleep fast and stayed asleep. And when I woke up, I used it again before going out. Even when stuck in traffic while driving, I felt at ease. I wasn’t anxious and weaving back and forth in between lanes like I usually do.

I was the most calm and relaxed I had felt in years.

5 Essential Oils That Calm The Mind

I was absolutely amazed that Stress Ease is a 100% pure and all-natural blend of the following 5 essential oils with no habit forming or dangerous ingredients:

Sweet orange oil contains natural calming compounds. It’s so effective, it was used in a study to calm women down who were nervous about going into labor. It was also used in another study to ease nervousness in children who were about to visit the dentist. 

Sweet orange oil helps slow pulse rate and reduce the level of the stress hormone, cortisol—something my body is all too familiar with.

Bergamot is another stress-relieving citrus oil that reduces stress hormone levels. In one study conducted at a mental health center, bergamot provided several beneficial effects including reduced heart rate, blood pressure, stress responses, depression, and anxiety. The compound, linalool, is a major reason why bergamot helps relax the sympathetic nervous system (your ‘fight or flight’ response to stress).Ylang ylang is traditionally used to reduce blood pressure and improve mental function. A study shows that a natural compound in this oil induces calmness by directly acting on the dopamine pathways. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in relaxation.


Pink grapefruit was shown to be effective as a complementary treatment for anxious patients undergoing medical procedures. Pink Grapefruit oil’s uplifting scent is soothing to the senses and helps relaxes tense muscles.

Patchouli oil contains at least 140 different therapeutic compounds. Patchouli oil is widely used in aromatherapy to relieve depression, stress, calm nerves and control appetite.

So Many Choices, Only One Unique Stress-Busting Blend

Look, I don’t get into anything before thoroughly checking it out. What I found out about these 5 plant oils in Stress Ease, is that not only are they 100% all-natural, they are also proven by research studies to alleviate stress. There are tons of essential oil products that claim to relieve anxiety. But I found no others that contained this unique blend of these 5 oils. And I don’t have the time to make this blend myself. (I also wouldn’t know how.)

Stress Ease Special FREE Bottle Offer: ACT NOW!

For today only, Stress Ease is available with a special FREE BOTTLE OFFER.

I have been so grateful and happy to have discovered Stress Ease. I find that when I’m more relaxed and at ease, I sleep better and wake up energized. I haven’t been this happy in years and now my husband and I are finally enjoying our retirement.

And I’m not the only one who has been able to control my hyperactive mind.

Here’s just one of dozens of Stress Ease product reviews:

“I used to be so nervous. Nervous to go to work, nervous to meet with friends, nervous to do anything. It felt like something was holding me back and god forbid ANYTHING in my life went badly. I would shut myself in. Then I found Stress Ease. My family can’t believe how much more relaxed I’ve become.”

To learn more about Stress Ease and their FREE BOTTLE OFFER, here is the link to the product page.

How to Use Stress Ease

To use, apply the free roll-on bottle on wrists, temples, chest and/or soles of your feet. Take the roll-on bottle with you to apply and breathe in the soothing and therapeutic effects of this amazing essential oil blend anywhere on the go.

At home, diffuse the oil in the morning when you wake up and in the evening before bedtime. Lastly, on bath night, pour 10 drops directly into the tub and indulge in a soothing full body experience like none other.

Free Bottle Offer

If you want to try Stress Ease and receive a free bottle you will have to hurry and take advantage of this offer today. This product is not sold in stores and only available direct from their website below. Best of all it is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you have nothing to loose for trying it yourself. 

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  • Barbara H

    Im 64 and was dealing with insomnia for years until I found Stress Ease. It really works to put my mind at ease! I get a great nights sleep and wake up energized and refreshed. Great product, highly recommend!