5 Things About Grapefruit Oil That You Should Know

The fragrance of grapefruit essential oil is energizing and uplifting.  It’s a powerful antioxidant with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and astringent properties. Lemonene is the primary active ingredient in grapefruit and is responsible for many of the health benefits derived from the oil. Grapefruit has been used for centuries for a variety of reasons that you, too, can enjoy.

Weight loss/suppress appetite and hunger/reduce cravings

What’s called the “grapefruit diet” has been around since the 1930’s. It turns out that grapefruit essential oil may help with sugar cravings and weight gain. The oil is extracted from the rind of the grapefruit plant, which contains a number of beneficial compounds and ingredients that help increase metabolism. Research has shown that grapefruit essential oil can aid in suppressing appetite.

Application: Diffuse a few drops in a diffuser or on diffuser jewelry, inhale from the bottle or sprinkle a drop or two on a cotton ball or tissue, or mix with carrier oil and apply topically—try massaging your abdomen. Click here to learn more here about how to properly dilute your oils with carrier oils before topical use.

Suppressing appetite and reducing cravings will assist in weight loss, but to really make a difference, you’ll want to eat healthy foods and exercise, too.

Mood booster/energizer

Improve your mood, increase mental focus and alertness, calm your nerves, and enjoy the feeling of a natural way to refresh yourself with grapefruit essential oil. Feeling down or anxious?

Application: Take a whiff from your bottle of grapefruit. If you’re feeling groggy, sleepy, or sluggish, use grapefruit aromatically.

For headaches, inhale or apply grapefruit topically (dilute with a preferred carrier oil).

Get motivated, lift your spirits, and beat fatigue with grapefruit essential oil.



Relieve Stress/lower blood pressure

If you suffer from high blood pressure, you’re not alone.  You may find that aromatherapy can help keep both your blood pressure and stress levels in check. Using the soothing scent of grapefruit essential oil on diffuser jewelry is a great way to do this while you’re on-the-go.

A study found that some people experienced long-lasting effects of reducing blood pressure and stress with citrus and lavender essential oils. Grapefruit is uplifting, and at the same time gives you a peaceful and relaxed state of mind.

Application: Use grapefruit topically; inhale it from the bottle or add a drop or two to a cotton ball or tissue and inhale; add to your diffuser or diffuser jewelry.

Reduce acne and cellulite

Thanks to the astringent properties in grapefruit, this essential oil helps tighten facial pores, promoting a healthy complexion, and reduce acne and cellulite. Its antibacterial and anti-aging properties are great for the skin and also aids in healing wounds and cuts.

Application: Use it topically by mixing with carrier oil and applying it to acne, cellulite, wounds, etc.


The citrus essential oils are all great at disinfecting and have such a refreshing, clean aroma. Use grapefruit essential oil as a natural cleaning product around the house.

Application: Mix with water in a spray bottle; spray countertops, sinks, stove—wherever you want to clean—then wipe dry.

Eliminate odors around the house by diffusing a few drops of grapefruit with lemon or orange essential oil.


When using grapefruit essential oil topically, mix with carrier oil and do a patch test to make sure you’re not sensitive to it and keep in mind that grapefruit causes photosensitivity.

Grapefruit is one of the essential oils in the new product line at Vitality Extracts, where all oils are 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade.

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