Do you leave your dog at home alone? Shocking new report may have you thinking twice!

Think it’s ok to leave your dog all day alone at home? Think again. According to K9 Magazine, 85% of dogs left alone at home suffer from at least one symptom of separation anxiety.

Some dogs display the typical signs of separation anxiety within a half hour of being alone: 

  • Howling 
  • Barking 
  • Whining 
  • Pacing incessantly
  • Vomiting
  • Defecating or urinating

But many dogs will display less obvious signs of stress, including: 

  • Salivating excessively
  • Scratching furniture
  • Self-mutilating (gnawing at their fur)

And even more subtle is when a dog shows signs of lethargy and mild depression. You may not be home to witness it, and you may not even realize your dog is suffering. After all, when you get home, chances are your dog will be so ecstatic to see you, it’ll seem like everything is perfectly fine.

But just because your dog may have somewhat learned to adapt to being home alone all day does not mean he or she can cope with separation anxiety.

The Ultimate Coping Mechanism That Helps Your Dog Stay Happy And Calm All Day—Even When Alone for 8+ Hours a Day

Many pet owners try to alleviate their guilt of leaving their pet at home alone all day by saying it’s fine and completely normal.

But by nature, dogs are sociable, pack animals. They aren’t meant to be at home alone all day. 

Unless you are giving your dog something to help it cope, your dog is lonely and sad. Unfortunately, chew toys will only ease your dog’s separation anxiety for about 10-20 minutes. Your dog is likely suffering the other 7-plus hours a day.

The good news is you never again have to feel guilty about leaving your dog home alone all day. And your dog never has to suffer another day from separation anxiety.

That’s because Mother Nature and science have combined to form the ultimate solution for helping dogs cope with being left alone. The solution is called Peaceful Pup.

Peaceful Pup is a veterinarian-approved, drug-free, 100% pure blend of 7 therapeutic plant oils. The healing compounds in these plants (the ‘essential oils’ of the plants) have been proven in research studies to have profound calming effects.

And when these following 7 oils are blended in the perfect ratio that’s contained in Peaceful Pup, the soothing properties on the central nervous system are even greater:

  • Lavender oil effects dogs by making them spend significantly more time resting and sitting, and less time moving and barking, says a study in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.
  • Chamomile oil acts as a muscle relaxer and provides relief from a variety of stressful situations and animal disorders, says VCA Animal Hospitals, which operates more than 750 animal hospitals in North America.
  • Geranium oil has demonstrated significant anti-anxiety and antidepressant activity in several animal studies.
  • Frankincense oil contains compounds that have a tranquilizing effect, yet are perfectly safe for pets.
  • Sweet almond oil acts as a natural antidepressant on animals, suggests a study in Biomedical Research.
  • Cypress and lemon oil both have sedative effects; they induces a sense of calmness and relaxation when used aromatically or topically. They are particularly useful for thunderstorms, ambulances, garbage trucks and other loud noises that may otherwise spook your dog when you’re not home. Both of these oils also stimulate feelings of happiness and ease.

How Do You Use Peaceful Pup?

Peaceful Pup comes in 2 different bottles: an aromatherapy bottle and a roll-on bottle. For best results, use both.

To diffuse, simply pour 10-15 drops of the aromatherapy bottle into an essential oil diffuser. Diffuse Peaceful Pup twice a day, in the morning before you leave for work, and then again in the evening.

To use the roll-on bottle, apply it directly to the back of your dog’s neck and massage it in with your fingers. You can also apply the oil directly to the bottom of your dog’s paws for quick absorption of the therapeutic oils.

Make sure you apply the roll-on bottle directly to your dog approximately 20-30 minutes before you leave for the day.

What Can You Use Peaceful Pup For?

Use it for any stressful situation, including: 

  • Vet Visits
  • House Guests
  • Dog Walks/Dog Parks
  • Baths/Dog Groomers
  • Road Trips/Travel
  • Separation Anxiety

Is Peaceful Pup Safe For All Dogs?

Yes! Peaceful Pup’s 7 all-natural ingredients are 100% pure and safe for all breeds, all sizes and all ages of dogs. Its 100% people safe too. 

“I have a 9 to 5 job, so I am out most of the day. I also have 2 dogs, both with separation anxiety. Nothing was working until we tried Peaceful Pup. Now we have a peaceful home. Highly recommend.” -Melanie M.

Is Peaceful Pup Guaranteed to Work For All Dogs?

Yes! Peaceful Pup is guaranteed to work and comes with a 60-day, risk-free, happiness guarantee.

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  • Sue Gasiewicz

    My dog suffers with separation anxiety, anxiety from thunderstorms, as well as stress while traveling in the car. I had tried MANY different products with NO positive results. I had seen Peaceful Pup advertised and thought I had nothing to lose…well, I have to say it WORKS WONDERS! I have had POSITIVE RESULTS and matter of fact have recommended it to several of my friends for their pups and they have the same GREAT results!! I cannot tell you what a Godsend this product is!!! I have been able to make the trip to Florida from New York with my relaxed pup!!! I have ordered several bottles so as to never run out!!! Thank you from my Dog & I !!

  • Michele

    My adopted pit can’t stand loud noises, and gets so scared she shakes and wants to hide. I tried Peaceful Pup on her on the 4th of July and was surprised that it did calm her down. I’m going to order more now to keep at our cabin for thunder storms.

  • Judy Reed

    Thank you for this information. I may want to try it on my black lab, 14 years old.

  • Donna M.

    My dog Shelly has separation anxiety bad. She also gets anxious and aggressive around people and other pets. Taking her on a walk was always risky business until we found Peaceful Pup. Thanks 🙂

  • Amy C.

    Wonderful product! Calms my dogs and they love it! Smells great! Thanks for this great offer 🙂

  • Melinda G.

    I’ve already ordered another bottle while it’s still on sale!! Both myself and my 9 week old Great Dane love love love it. As soon as she hears me rubbing my hands together she knows what’s coming and gets so excited.

  • Charleen Johnson

    It works, it calms my pug down he doesn’t bark alot anymore. I just diffuse before leaving and roll on a little on each ear at night and he is good. Thanks so much wonderful product