Essential Oils to Guide You through the 7 Stages of a Breakup

The hurt of a broken heart varies from person to person and not everyone goes through all of the seven stages. Aromatherapy can help you mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually move past the heartache.

Here’s a guide to essential oils to help heal and guide you out of your pain, get through the breakup, and come out more powerful than ever.


  1. Denial

“Is it really over? Just like that? I still have feelings for him. After all the years I invested in this relationship, we can’t just call it quits.”

Splitting up can be very overwhelming, even for short-term relationships. Sometimes a goodbye comes out of the blue and makes it really hard to understand what went wrong.

Oils: To help ease any number of emotions you’re experiencing, inhale eucalyptus – it’s scent stimulates free and deep breathing for relaxation, while adding on a uplifting and energized spirit.

TIP: Add a few drops into a bowl of steaming water. Place a towel around your head and make a tent around the pan. Slowly move your face toward the steam and breathe to help you relax and clear your head emotionally.


  1. Grief/Isolation

When grieving the loss of a relationship, you may not feel like spending time with others, which is understandable, but you can also make it a productive phase.

If you’re not already doing it, try meditation. Your mind may be all over the place, thinking about all kinds of scenarios or things you’d like to say; you may be wondering if there’s anything you could have done differently to save the relationship. A guided meditation may work well; listening to instructions helps keep your mind clear from all the chatter.

Oils: Whether or not you use it during meditation, use lavender to relax and calm your body and mind.

Add a few drops to your home diffuser, jewelry diffuser, or mix in a spray bottle with water to spritz your room or pillow.

A warm bath with several drops of lavender would be a nice gesture of self-care.


  1. Anger

It’s normal to feel angry and you may need to go through this phase in order to let it go. Recognize this stage is when you are not acting yourself, and expressing your anger can be a good thing if done to a healthy degree. But the sooner you can elevate your mood, the better for you emotionally.

Oils: Ylang Ylang is great for its antidepressant capabilities. It has a positive impact on your emotions, enhances your mood, regulates your heart rate, and calms your body.

Use in a diffuser, on diffuser jewelry, or mix with carrier oil and apply topically.


  1. Bargaining

As mentioned, your mind might be running wild as you wonder if you could have done things differently. Would it have mattered? What if I had done this or that? If only I had or hadn’t…

Oils: To help you move through this phase, diffuse bergamot or frankincense. Both of these oils enhance work to enhance feelings of well-being and reduce stress.


  1. Apathy

After such an emotional ride, you may be lacking in energy and not have much interest or passion for much of anything.

Oils: If you’re tired from feelings of overwhelm, it’s time for some Inner Peace. This blend is designed for you to connect with yourself once again, gain some positive mental energy, reduce stress and anxiety, and provide spiritual calm.


  1. Acceptance

As you come to terms with the breakup and your heart starts to mend, you move into the phase of accepting the loss. That doesn’t mean you won’t experience those emotions again, but you are moving forward and starting to feel more positive.

Oils: Geranium is great for uplifting your spirits and reducing anxiety. Frankincense boosts your mood and your energy.  Lemon is also uplifting and reduces anxiety.


  1. Regaining Hope

During this phase of dealing with lost love, you’re starting to feel optimism, excitement, and a feeling of hope.

  • Myrrh’s aroma is calming and centering.
  • Lemon uplifts mood and reduces anxiety.
  • Energy Blend—you’re moving forward with the right mindset, but need an extra push. Energy Blend helps get you moving forward.
  • Sacred Arrow Diffuser Bracelet helps nudge you in the right direction. It’s grounding, gives courage and strength, and dissolves negativity.


Other bracelets to help you mend a broken heart:

Chakra bracelet for healing and balancing.

Wave bracelet, symbolizing the raw power of the ocean. Instead of fighting the current, adapt and ride the wave to help dissolve stress and embrace change.

Love bracelet is made of rose quartz, a healing crystal. It’s used not only for attracting and keeping love, including self-love, but also for healing your heart from pain and disappointment.


As you move through your feelings and emotions following a breakup, take good care of yourself and use aromatherapy to move more quickly through this difficult time.


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