My 3 Kids Haven’t Been Sick In 2 Years. Here’s How I Keep Them – And Myself – Healthy

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I used to mindlessly give my kids antibiotics whenever they got sick, which up until a couple of years ago, was happening all too often.

I’d call the family doctor whenever one of my kids (usually both) caught a bad cold or the flu or had food poisoning. Most of the time, the doctor would just phone the local pharmacy and call in a dose of antibiotics.

At the time, I didn’t realize that by giving them antibiotics more often than I was letting them eat candy, I was actually weakening their immune system. And after the news reports came out that antibiotics were totally useless against viruses, not to mention they were becoming resistant to the most common harmful types of bacteria, I felt soooo guilty. How could I do that to my kids? I’m supposed to protect them, not make them more vulnerable to illness.

After seeing the reports on the dangers of over-prescribing antibiotics, I phoned my doctor. I asked him what could I do to not only help make my kids feel better when they get sick without harming them, but also protect them from getting sick in the first place.

The doctor didnt offer much other than common sense practices like washing their hands often, eating lots of fruits and vegetables and getting enough sleep.

I was determined to find a way to keep my kids from missing school. Not only because of my love for them, but also for the sake of my sanity. Life doesn’t stop when your kids get sick. But you can’t get anything done when your little ones need you day and night.

How I Boost My Kids’ Immune System Using Ingredients From Mother Nature

After researching natural ways to boost immunity, I kept coming across the same recommendations. Antibacterial soap (which is bad for your immune system, by the way), eating broccoli and 12 hours of sleep won’t necessarily prevent your kids from catching strep throat.

But one recommendation that I kept coming across has proved to be extraordinarily effective. Since I started using this natural immunity booster about 2 years ago, nobody in our home has gotten sick once.

I’m so grateful I started using this natural sickness-prevention routine on myself and my kids, because this summer the news has been very scary: a highly-contagious illness spread by infected pool water and flesh-eating bacteria. I wouldn’t be able to sleep if it weren’t for what has worked wonders for my family: ESSENTIAL OILS.

How Essential Oils Boost Immunity And Keep Your Kids Out of The Nurses’ Office

Lots of people have heard about essential oils, mainly from scented candles, aromatherapy or spa treatments. But few people know what essential oils actually are. And even fewer people know how they naturally boost the immune system.

So what are essential oils? You can think of them as the life force and defense system of plants. Essential oils provide plants with oxygen. They also carry nutrients to every cell in the plant. It is these healing nutrients that give plants the protection they need against infections and invading pests.

When we breathe the vapors of essential oils and apply the oil directly to the skin, the oils provide us with the same protection and healing properties as they do to plants. Essential oils are actually more therapeutic than the whole plant itself!

In our modern society, we’re constantly bombarded by pollution. Essential oils play a critical role in detoxifying your body. Because they are loaded with oxygen, the oils help drive out toxins from your cells.

The essential oils of plants also protect you by killing airborne harmful particles. In fact, a study from France shows that a particular blend of essential oils (nearly identical to the one I use) killed an impressive 206 out of 210 colonies of harmful microbes the scientists cultured within 30 minutes of misting the air with the blend, including the highly-contagious H1N1 influenza strain.*1

Infinite Immunity: The Most Powerful Pathogen-Killing Essential Oils on the Planet

Infinite Immunity contains 4 of the oils in the French study, plus 1 more essential oil that also has the backing of research to boost immunity.


The vapor of the essential oil from the eucalyptus plant kills the influenza virus after just 10 minutes, a study in Essence Journal shows. Eucalyptus helps support the upper respiratory tract and breaks up congestion. It protects your lungs from inflammation and stimulates infection-fighting antibodies.*2


One of only a few essential oils on the planet in which no bacteria, virus or fungi can live, it’s used in most European hospitals. Clove is considered such a powerful anti-bacterial, The Atlantic Magazine suggests it’s one essential oil that may start replacing antibiotics. Clove kills highly-contagious harmful strains of bacteria, including e. Coli, streptococcus pyogenes as well as salmonella.*3


You are more likely to get sick if your liver, gallbladder, and bile ducts are clogged. Rosemary assists in your body’s detox process by cleansing these organs as well as the excretory ducts. In addition, laboratory and animal studies reveal rosemary contains antioxidants that protect cells from premature death and keep the body’s inflammatory response in check, especially in the immune cells.*4,5


Sprinkling cinnamon on your oatmeal may not prevent you from getting sick, but inhaling the vapors of cinnamon oil’s 40+ compounds and applying the oil directly to your skin just might. Rich in antioxidants, cinnamon oil is a natural antimicrobial, and contains several anti-inflammatory compounds.*6


Lemon essential oil strengthens the lymph nodes, driving out toxic waste from the body and improving immune cell function. In one study, inhaling lemon restored the balance of the immune system after being weakened by stress. Inhaling lemon oil also improves your immune system by uplifting your mood.*7 


How I Use Infinite Immunity Everyday To Protect Your Family

As you can see, I went from knowing virtually nothing about essential oils to becoming a passionate advocate. After scanning dozens of studies and online reviews about how incredible they are, I became determined to learning everything under the sun about them. 

But there’s one critical thing that I realized about using essential oils to prevent your kids from getting sick (or making them feel much better, much quicker, in the event they catch something).

And that is, you have to use them regularly, as part of a routine. You can’t expect to mist your room with essential oils once in a blue moon to boost your immune system. The fight against highly-contagious germs is a daily battle. Luckily, Infinite Immunity is super easy to use. 

The blend comes in 2 different bottles when you order: an aromatherapy bottle that you can pour in a diffuser, bathtub, spray bottle (as a cleaner), or massage oil. The other kind of bottle is a roll-on bottle, which you just rub directly on the temples, bottoms of the feet, wrists, chest or back. I use both the aromatherapy bottle and roll-on bottle on myself and my kids every single day. 

Infinite Immunity gives me peace of mind knowing that when cold and flu season strikes, my kids and I will stay healthy.

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