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How 5 Plants Strengthened My Immune System & Kept My Family Healthy

After missing several weeks of school and having to use all of my vacation days on sick days, this year had to be different for us. Last year our whole family of 5 fell victim to the flu, despite getting the flu shot early.

Within two weeks of recovering from a nasty flu, we were wiped out again, this time by strep throat.  For my poor 9 year old, it turned into a frightening pneumonia.  

By the end of February last year I had already missed 4 weeks of work and had to cancel our spring break vacation. My husband is a self employed contractor, so he has more flexibility than I do, but even his business began to suffer from all the sick days off

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was determined to find a way to keep us all healthy this year. I knew in order to do that, some things would need to change, but what? Looking for answers, I turned to my doctor. Impressed by my proactive approach this year, she agreed to see me even though I wasn’t sick.

The doctor told me that if I needed to take preventative measures in order to stay healthy:

  1. Serving more fruits and vegetables
  2. Getting more sleep
  3. Exercising as a family
  4. Strengthening our immune systems

The first 3 were pretty obvious but not the fourth. She told me that our immune system, which is made up of special cells, proteins, tissues and organs, is what defends us from the germs and pathogens that make us sick.

Strengthening your immune system is complicated though, after all it is an entire “system.” My doctor told me that 5 plant extract oils (pure essential oils) have been used for hundreds of years for their potent, immune-boosting properties.

In fact, in 2017, a study published in a biology journal revealed for the first time how together these specific plant extracts can significantly improve communication between the body’s cells. The result is lower inflammation in the body and a more active immune system.

In a moment, I’m going to share this blend with you, just like my doctor shared it with me. First, though, let’s take a look at how each pure ingredient works to boost and protect your body’s immune system.

5 Plant Extract Oils That Boost Your Immune System


The vapor of the essential oil from the eucalyptus plant kills the influenza virus after just 10 minutes, a study in Essence Journal shows. Eucalyptus helps support the upper respiratory tract and breaks up congestion. It protects your lungs from inflammation and stimulates infection-fighting antibodies.*1


One of only a few essential oils on the planet in which no bacteria, virus or fungi can live, it’s used in most European hospitals. Clove is considered such a powerful anti-bacterial, The Atlantic Magazine suggests it’s one essential oil that may start replacing antibiotics. Clove kills highly-contagious harmful strains of bacteria, including e. Coli, streptococcus pyogenes as well as salmonella.*2


You are more likely to get sick if your liver, gallbladder, and bile ducts are clogged. Rosemary assists in your body’s detox process by cleansing these organs as well as the excretory ducts. In addition, laboratory and animal studies reveal rosemary contains antioxidants that protect cells from premature death and keep the body’s inflammatory response in check, especially in the immune cells.*3,4


Sprinkling cinnamon on your oatmeal may not prevent you from getting sick, but inhaling the vapors of cinnamon oil’s 40+ compounds and applying the oil directly to your skin just might. Rich in antioxidants, cinnamon oil is a natural antimicrobial, and contains several anti-inflammatory compounds.*5


Lemon essential oil strengthens the lymph nodes, driving out toxic waste from the body and improving immune cell function. In one study, inhaling lemon restored the balance of the immune system after being weakened by stress. Inhaling lemon oil also improves your immune system by uplifting your mood.*6

Infinite Immunity: The Easiest Way To Protect You And Your Family

Now, it is possible to purchase each of these plant extract oils separately, test out different amounts and portions, and try to create your own blend—if you have the time, patience, and money. But I don’t.

Luckily, my doctor pointed me in the right direction to an easier waya perfectly balanced blend with a straightforward name: Infinite Immunity.

You may be able to find products with essential oils in your local drug store, but you’re not going to find anything that’s close to the purity (100%) and effectiveness of Infinite Immunity.

The blend comes in 2 different bottles when you order: an aromatherapy bottle that you can use in a diffuser, bathtub or massage oil. The other bottle is a roll-on bottle, which you just rub directly on the temples, bottoms of the feet, wrists and chest. We use both the aromatherapy bottle and roll-on bottle every day.

Since we began using Infinite Immunity, we haven’t been sick once, despite all of the nasty and contagious illnesses in the news. 

Infinite Immunity has not only kept my family and me healthy, but it’s also given me peace of mind. I no longer worry about getting sick, now we enjoy living healthy. 

Save An Extra 50% And Get 3 FREE Bottles of Infinite Immunity

Infinite Immunity is only sold directly through their website with free shipping worldwide. They are currently having a back to school sale with an extra 50% off and a free roll-on bottle with each aromatherapy bottle you purchase. 

I didn’t want to risk getting sick again, so I ordered us 3 bottles. To manage inventory and to prevent supplies from running out, the manufacturer has a strict, 3-bottle-per-order-limit. But there is good news: They give you 3 FREE roll-on bottles with your purchase!

Think of the roll-on bottle as your on-the-go immune booster. I carry a bottle with me in my purse, and a couple times a day, I rub my temples, chest, and neck with it. It only takes a minute to apply, and it gives me a profound sense of comfort knowing that I’m protecting myself (and my family).

If you, too, are sick and tired of being sick and tired, you need Infinite Immunity.

If you want your FREE bottles of Infinite Immunity, hurry—this offer ends today and supplies are low.

Just click this link or the coupon below to learn more.








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    I buy this for my kids to help build their immunity. They go to day care and this helps them not to get sick from everyone’s germs. Thanks for the free bottles. We are stocking up 🙂

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    I have and use Infinite Immunity and I’m not sure if I can go back to using any other oils! The purity can’t be beat. This roll ons are so perfect for the purse. With all the stuff going around these days, I am buying more today.

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