5 Therapeutic Reasons to Use Turmeric

As a natural remedy for many ailments, turmeric has been used for thousands of years. It’s become very popular these days for treating inflammation and pain and continues to offer a number of health benefits. It boosts circulation and immunity, detoxifies the body, helps prevent cancer, improves skin, stimulates circulation, and protects the heart.

Turmeric essential oil is derived from the root of the turmeric plant, which is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. It’s very potent and you don’t need much to accomplish a lot. For stress relief and aromatherapy, use a little on diffuser jewelry of add a few drops to your diffuser.

Use turmeric essential oil to:

  • Boost your immune system—with antiseptic, anti-microbial, antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitic qualities, turmeric is a top choice for immune health. This helps the body’s defense against invaders. When you aren’t feeling 100 percent, diffuse a few drops in a diffuser or rub a little on a diffuser bracelet.
  • Skin care—there are a number of ways turmeric benefits your skin. It can help make your skin look younger by improving your skin’s elasticity, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and scars, getting rid of acne and reducing blemishes. Turmeric lightens the skin, reducing the appearance of skin hyper-pigmentation . Use turmeric to treat sunburn, soften callused heals, and treat and protect skin irritations.
    • Mix a couple of drops with carrier oil and apply topically or add to facial washes and masks, skin lotions, and serums. Only use a small amount of diluted turmeric on your skin; otherwise, it could temporarily stain it yellow.
  • Inflammation and pain relief—chronic inflammation contributes to many diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, arthritis, and even cancer. Use turmeric essential oil to help reduce inflammation and soothe joints and muscle pain for gout, headaches, and arthritis, to name a few.
    • Combine a few drops with carrier oil and massage into the affected area. Add a few drops of frankincense essential oil to boost the effects of your mixture.
  • Improve cognitive and brain function—add a few drops of turmeric essential oil to your diffuser to boost cognitive function, and to improve concentration, focus, and memory.
    • Inhale it by adding a few drops to a spray bottle; spray on clothes, furniture, or anywhere around the house. Blend with carrier oil and apply topically. The curcuminoid contained in turmeric helps neutralize free radicals, preventing damage to brain cells.
      • To revitalize your senses, mix 2 drops of both orange and turmeric essential oils with 3 drops of grapefruit. Inhale, diffuse, or mix with carrier oil to apply topically.
  • Hair Care—Rich in antioxidants, turmeric stimulates new cells to grow and has been used for hair loss for a long time. Add a few drops to your shampoo or hair product.
    • Also, Vitality Extracts has a special blend, Healthy Scalp, which increases blood flow to the scalp. This helps in the growth of hair follicles and cleanses the scalp.
    • It contains Turmeric, along with Amla Fruit, Brahmi Leaf, Bacopa Herb, Bhringaraj Leaf, Sesame Oil, Peppermint, and Chili Seed Essential Oil.It’s easy to use: Pour a few drops into the palm of your hand. With your fingertips, apply it to the roots and scalp and massage your scalp.

Turmeric is definitely an essential oil to use for preventative care. Diffuse a few drops in water to clean the air, detox the body, and promote well-being.

Like all of the essential oils at Vitality Extracts, Turmeric and Healthy Scalp Blend are 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade.


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