Sick Of Being Sick? Strengthen Your Immune System With These 5 Powerful Plant Nutrients

I’m A Mom And 1st Grade Teacher—It’s ALWAYS Cold And Flu Season

What if I told you there was a single, powerful, immune-boosting product that was 100% all-natural and guaranteed to not only work, but work so well that you wouldn’t get sick again? Not even during cold and flu season!

I was skeptical at first, too, until I was introduced to Infinite Immunity—a pure, potent solution perfectly blended and crafted from just 5, prized plant extract oils, all offering their own dynamic immune system support and protection.

As a mom and teacher, I’m grateful to be surrounded by kids every single day. Yet, kids get sick often and that puts my family and me at risk. I can’t even watch the news these days without getting anxiety, fearing that the latest illness is coming for us!

You don’t have to be a mom or a teacher to need a healthy immune system. We all need a strong immune system because, these days, it’s ALWAYS cold and flu season.

If you want to not just feel good but feel GREAT—and all-year-long—never having to miss another soccer game, dance recital, or day of work again, then keep reading! Mother Nature will keep you and your entire family healthy with these 5, immune-boosting plant extracts . . . and I will even show you where to get them!  

5 Plant Essential Oils and Infinite Immunity

Infinite Immunity is a custom blend of just 5, therapeutic plant extract oils, all of which have been expertly and carefully balanced, blended, and crafted together to boost the body’s immune system.

Infinite Immunity’s 5 ingredients strengthen and support the immune system. Let’s look at each one individually.

Clove (Syzygium aromaticum): The power to kill nasty germs and fungus. A study in the Annals of Microbiology concludes clove essential oil has anticariogenic activity against a large number of oral pathogens. Clove neutralizes harmful Staphylococcus bacteria (“staph” infections) as well as E. coli (the same bacteria responsible for food poisoning), as well as Candida albicans. The main natural chemical in clove, eugenol, has been shown to have anti-inflammatory activities stronger than over-the-counter NSAIDS.

Lemon (Citrus limon): Contains broad-spectrum antiviral activity. That means it protects you against several different kinds of viruses, such as those that cause colds and the flu. Lemon also greatly assists the body’s detoxification processes. An active ingredient in lemon, linalool, has antibacterial properties, especially against a nasty bug called “acinetobacter,” which can cause serious infections and antibiotic resistance.

Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum): Boosts your respiratory system and protects you against unfriendly bacteria in your body. A compound in cinnamon called “cinnamic aldehyde” is the active ingredient that kills several harmful types of fungi, including Aspergillus niger, aka “black mold.” And in studies using cell lines, cinnamon has been shown to suppress the growth of tumors.

Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus): Has been used for centuries to help people breathe easier. A particular species of it, eucalyptus globulus, has been shown in research studies to help inhibit several types of bacteria that can make you very sick, such as H. influenzae and S. pneumoniae.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officialis): Improves your immune system as it reduces muscle pain and the inflammation response. It also breaks up mucus throughout the body. Laboratory studies reveal the antioxidants in rosemary neutralize free radical damage.

That’s it! You will only find the 5, rich, all-natural ingredients detailed above in Infinite Immunity—nothing more, nothing less. Nothing toxic, mind-altering, addictive, or chemically-tainted. You will be left feeling exactly like yourself, only infinitely better . . . infinitely healthier.

The Infinite Immunity Experience—It’s Easy, Effective, and Incomparable

I took part in the Infinite Immunity Experience, and I recommend you do the same—before it’s too late—because washing your hands, eating healthy, and exercising isn’t always enough!

Yes, it is possible to purchase each of these plant extract oils separately, test out different amounts and portions, and attempt to create your own balanced blend—if you have the time, patience, and money. Do you? Or, you can do yourself and your family a HUGE favor, join the Infinite Immunity Experience and immediately become protected against unwanted germs, colds, and the flu.

When I ordered the 30ml bottle of Infinite Immunity, I received a FREE roll-on bottle—who doesn’t love free stuff? My package arrived just five days later and I immediately started incorporating the easy-to-use solution into my daily routine.

Upon opening the bottle, I fell in love with the scent. My family enjoys it, too! The pleasing, rich cinnamon aroma is perfectly rounded out and balanced with the sweet fragrance of the other ingredients. The best way I can describe it is equal parts refreshing and soothing. Our family hasn’t been sick since that first day Infinite Immunity arrived.

I began using the roll-on bottle every night before bed, applying Infinite Immunity to my chest, temples, wrist, and feet. It’s so simple to use, even for kids! It’s pre-diluted with pure coconut oil, making it safe for the skin. I also diffuse Infinite Immunity daily, both in the house and classroom. This gives me the peace of mind that I need as a mom and teacher.

Even  my mom is using Infinite Immunity. She has been feeling healthier and more vibrant than she has in years. I refuse to live without Infinite Immunity—I’ve reordered it four times, and today only, they are running the most amazing offer!

Get a FREE BOTTLE of Infinite Immunity NOW—Before It Runs Out!

If you are sick of being sick, take advantage of Infinite Immunity now! The free bottle offer ends today, while supplies last—and they won’t!

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  • Pat

    Do you ingest it or just roll on?

    • Katie B

      We recommend using Immunity blend topically or in a diffuser.