How 5 Plants Keep My Family Healthy—Even When Everyone Else Is Getting Sick

What would you do with an extra $1000 a year?

Me, I’m using the extra cash for a college fund for my two kids: Chole, 9 and Aiden, 7.

Just a couple years ago if you would have asked me if I had a college fund set up for my kids I would have laughed in your face.

I’m a single mom without a lot of support. If my kids get sick, I have to take off work. Besides the lost income from using up my sick days and vacation days, I have to pay out of pocket for co-pays and medicine.

All those things add up. Not to mention the fact that when I stay home with sick kids all day, I get sick!

That’s why I’m so grateful I found out about this incredible immune booster that is safe for the whole family. Since we started using it every day about a year ago, none of us have been sick once. I have saved well over $1000 because of it!

The True Value Of Staying Healthy

You can put a price on certain things like calling in sick and copays. But you can’t put a price on your health or your kids.

Children are resilient. But emotionally I was a wreck seeing them suffer. It wasn’t so much being a single mom and not having help that made me cry. It was the restless nights, the high fevers, the constant runny noses, and worst of all the throw up.

We were constantly getting each other sick. I was feeling helpless and was desperate to find a way to break the vicious cycle. Not just so I wouldn’t miss another day at work. But more so for my kids own well being. Being sick several times a year might be common these days. But it’s not normal!

A Few Drops Of This Keeps Us Out Of The Doctor’s Office

If you never want to get another call from the nurse again telling you to come pick your kid up from school, the good news is you don’t need a prescription.

When I told my sister how often my kids were getting sick, she told me that there are 5 plant oils that are proven to strengthen the immune system.

You’re already familiar with them, she said: clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary.

When I asked her how these 5 plants could keep us all healthy year round, she explained it this way: just like we brush our teeth daily for dental health, our immune systems also need daily support to better protect us from harmful bacteria and viruses.

We brush our teeth and floss every day for oral hygiene as a preventative measure against tooth decay and cavities. But I realized that I wasn’t doing anything preventive outside of oral hygiene. Hardly anybody does. Sure, exercise and diet help, but that’s not enough.

You can strengthen your immune system with these 5 nutrient rich plant oils:

  1. Clove neutralizes harmful bacteria that causes staph infections. It also protects against E. coli. That’s the same bacteria responsible for food poisoning. There’s something in clove oil called eugenol. It has stronger anti-inflammatory activities than over-the-counter pain-relievers.
  2. Lemon protects against several different kinds of viruses. Even the ones that cause colds and the flu. Lemon also plays a part in the body’s detoxification process, helping get rid of germs that can cause illness. It’s also got strong antibacterial properties. It can even protect against a nasty antibiotic-resistant bug called “acinetobacter.”
  3. Cinnamon can help your child’s developing respiratory system. The reason kids get coughing fits is that their lungs are very weak. But cinnamon is very therapeutic because it kills several harmful types of fungus. It can even protect against black mold in the house. And in some studies cinnamon has been shown to prevent the growth of tumors.
  4. Eucalyptus has been used for centuries to help people breathe easier. A particular species of it, eucalyptus globulus, has been shown in research studies to kill several types of harmful bacteria.
  5. Rosemary breaks up mucus throughout the body. Laboratory studies reveal the antioxidants in rosemary neutralize free radical damage. Free radicals can weaken the immune system if they are not kept in check.

Where To Get These 5 Immune-Boosting Plant Oils in One

My sister told me about Infinite Immunity, a carefully crafted blend of these 5 therapeutic essential oils. Those are the only ingredients in all-natural Infinite Immunity, making it safe for the whole family. I remember thinking how great it was that it could not only help me and my kids, but our aging mother too.

And with all the diseases that are suddenly flaring up again, it’s more important than ever to protect yourself and loved ones as best as you can.

Even my mom is using Infinite Immunity now. She has been feeling healthier and more vibrant than she has in years.


How To Strengthen Your Immune System with Infinite Immunity

Using Infinite Immunity is simple. You just use and diffuse. I diffuse it in the home, usually in the evening. We use the roll-on bottle to apply directly the blend to our temples, chest and bottom of our feet. Your feet have the most pores in your body and absorb the oils best to distribute them to you entire immune system.

We haven’t been sick since we started using Infinite Immunity. Now I refuse to live without it—I’ve reordered it four times, and today I found they are running the most amazing offer!


Today only, Infinite Immunity is bundling free roll-on bottles with every bottle. For every bottle you purchase, you receive a free roll on bottle. The roll-on bottles are a must for convenient, easy application without any mess. But they limit you to three per order.

If you are sick of being sick, take advantage of this amazing offer now! The free bottle offer ends today, while supplies last—and they won’t!

Click this link or the coupon below to get healthy and stay healthy.

For me Infinite Immunity has given me incredible peace of mind. We’ve even saved enough money for all three of us to take a vacation for the first time in years. I only wish that I knew about Infinite Immunity sooner. Better late than never, right? Be sure to write back and let us know how it does for you and your family!

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