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3 Healing Stones That Fight The Toxic Effects of Daily Stress & Anxiety

Relatively few people are managing their stress and anxiety in positive ways such as maintaining a daily yoga practice. According to the American Psychology Association, 12% manage stress through yoga or meditation. That’s a step in the right direction but still less than those who manage stress by smoking cigarettes—14%.

There’s one simple solution for managing stress and anxiety that doesn’t cause side effects. And it doesn’t require a prescription. And it’s actually easier than yoga—not to mention more affordable, in comparison to a monthly membership at a yoga studio.

When Negative Is Positive For Managing Stress & Anxiety

Have you ever taken a vacation to the ocean, lake, a waterfall or the woods and felt more peaceful? In a perfect world, we’d be able to do that every day. But in the rare times you can get to one of these places of beauty, the reason you likely feel more calm isn’t only because of the setting. It’s also because of something called negative ions.

Negative ions are the invisible particles in the air that influence your mood and outlook. In fact, a study in the journal BMC Psychiatry says that negative ions are associated with lower depression scores.   

When you’re constantly surrounded by negative ions, your mood improves. You also develop a higher resistance to stress. As a result, you’ll experience better overall health.

But taking a trip once a year for just 1-2 weeks isn’t enough to manage stress. You need to be exposed frequently, if not constantly, to negative ions in order to manage stress effectively.

3 Stones Charged With Negative Ions That Fight Stress All Day Long

The power of precious stones to help stay grounded and calm is extraordinary. But you can’t just pick up any rocks from your backyard and leave them in your pocket all day. (That wouldn’t be practical or comfortable.)

There are 3 specific types of stones that exert a profound physiological healing effect on both mind and body. And if everybody knew about their healing power, the pharmaceutical companies who make anti-anxiety meds would likely go out of business.

  • Lava Stone There’s a good reason why lava stone is used in hot rock massage therapy. This volcanic rock reduces stress and anxiety and is excellent for keeping fiery emotions in check. Although lava stone comes from the core of the earth (incredibly hot), it’s formed after it bubbles to the surface and cools. In essence, lava stone keeps your mind cool. If you have unresolved emotional tension or trauma, being near lava stone all day can help negate the harmful, stored energy. Lava stones have incredible healing properties that will help you sleep more soundly at night, reduce anger and help erase negative thoughts. You can also use lava stones to increase your physical energy and attention span.
  • White Howlite One of the biggest consequences of having frequent stress and anxiety is poor sleep. And when you don’t sleep well, your concentration and focus suffers. White howlite, also known as white turquoise, is a precious gemstone that increases concentration and promotes sleep. If you have trouble turning off your mind, especially before bed, white howlite calms an overactive mind. It’s also beneficial if you easily get angry. And because of its mind-calming properties, white howlite will help you concentrate. But just like lava stone, you need to constantly be surrounded by white howlite in order for the stones to have a dramatic noticeable effect.
  • Hematite Hematite is another gemstone that does wonders for your emotional well-being, if it’s in your presence on a regular basis. It’s also remarkable for feeling good physically. In fact, it keeps your nerve cells supercharged to make you feel more energetic, and increases the supply of fresh blood. What does that mean for you? Well, if you get headaches because of stress, hematite is like a natural pain reliever. That’s why it’s also recommended for women who experience menstrual cramps.As for its positive mental attributes, hematite stone is effective if you have a cluttered mind. If it’s a struggle to stay focused on one task, having hematite on hand will improve your problem-solving abilities and concentration. Hematite, like lava stone and white howlite has strong calming properties. But hematite, unlike any other precious stone, has the power to improve self-esteem and banish self-defeating thoughts.

How To Use Healing Stones To Manage Stress & Anxiety

So how can you take advantage of these anxiety-lowering stones without having to take an expensive vacation to Hawaii and risk upsetting the gods by taking volcanic rock back home with you?

There’s one simple—and stylish—way to experience the powerful healing properties of negative ions in these 3 precious stones, day and night: diffuser bracelets.

Diffuser bracelets are just that: bracelets. The bracelets are made of small round porous beads of these healing stones. On their own, wearing diffuser bracelets is one of the easiest, most affordable and most effective ways to protect yourself from the damaging effects of chronic stress.

You simply wear the bracelets day and night, and because the stones are constantly in contact with your body, they exert their stress-reducing properties all day.

Melt Stress Away With Essential Oils

But what’s even more powerful than just wearing the bracelet is by adding essential oils to the diffuser bracelet. Essential oils are clinically-proven to alleviate anxiety.

When you add specific essential oils to a bracelet, the stones soak up the oils. Because the stones have tiny little holes in them, they diffuse (spread) the therapeutic compounds in the oils all around you.

However, not all essential oils extinguish stress and anxiety. In fact, some oils can even make you feel more hyper. There are 5 remarkable essential oils that promote a sense of calmness while also increasing your attention span and focus: Bergamot, wild orange, ylang-ylang, pink grapefruit and patchouli.

From balancing hormone levels, to possessing sedative-like qualities and regulating brain chemicals that influence our moods, all 5 of these essential oils contain compounds that have been proven in research studies to manage stress and anxiety.

The Stress & Anxiety Busting Bundle

Luckily, you don’t have to go foraging through the woods to collect essential oils and precious stones. You also don’t need to visit your local craft store to make your own bracelets. Or take that expensive vacation to Hawaii.

With this Stress & Anxiety Bundle you get the stones, the bracelet and the essential oil blend in one convenient product.

The Stress & Anxiety Bundle includes:

  • Stress Ease Essential Oil Blend (10ml) — An aromatherapy blend of the 5 essential oils mentioned above, perfect for using in an oil diffuser in the morning and before bed.
  • Stress Ease Roll-On (10ml) — Take this portable essential oil blend with you to work and apply it directly to your diffuser bracelets. Also apply it directly to your temples, wrists, and neck. Use throughout the day.
  • White Howlite Diffuser Bracelet — A combination of lava stones and white howlite. Looks elegant and fashionable. Wear it all day to counteract negative thoughts and protect yourself from stress.
  • Sacred Arrow Diffuser Bracelet — Lava stones and hematite combine to form a powerful natural remedy for anxiety; helps you feel more balanced and emotionally stable.

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  • Christine Spencer

    I wear my stress away package day and night, also a l wear the two layer necklace,, this has such a calming and relaxing therapy without the heavy-duty exercise. I have been using stress away for quite sometime. so when I started to get low of stress away I bought the bundle I am much more relaxed and sleep like a baby..